Tom Brady won’t remember his debut for the Buccs for too many good things. The six-time champion experienced a loss, and a very poor game for his standards.

Bucs Lose in New Orleans

The final result of America’s Game of the Week was 34-23 for the Saints, who were controlling the match throughout the whole time.

Even though Tampa Bay scored first, the hosts responded with 17 points in the second period and an excellent defense that disrupted Brady and his attack.

Saints had the first possession on the match but had to punt. In his very first drive for the Buccaneers, Tom Brady was solid, but mostly relied upon the RB Jones, who often moved the scrimmage line. In the end, the three-time Super Bowl MVP and one of the best ever rushed for two yards carrying the ball into the end zone. 

This beginning promised a lot of excitement, but what came after wasn’t fun for the Buccaneers’ fans. Until the end of the half, they were outplayed in every aspect of the game. Tampa Bay had to put the ball twice, Brady was picked up once, and their field-goal attempt was blocked.

With 24-17 in the third and the start of the final period, Brady and the bunch had a chance to tie the score, but the Saints’ defense forced them to punt. In the very next attack, New Orleans scored. 

Brady had 239 yards, 23-of-36 for two TDs, and picked each. He was also sacked three times for 15 negative yards. RB Ronald Jones, who started the game well, had just 66 rushing yards in 17 carries, while Leonard Fournette posted a miserable 5 on five snaps.

Chris Godwin had 6 receptions for 79 yards, Scotty Miller 73 yards for five catches, and Mike Evans just one for two. 

On the other side, the strong Saints, were led by a rational Drew Brees. The NFL’s all-time passing leader posted just 160 yards last night with a not so good completion percentage, 18-for-30. Alvin Kamara carried the football 12 times, for 16 yards, but one TD too.

The versatile running back was much better with receiving last night, having 5 catches for 51 yards and one TD. Emanuel Sanders caught three passes for 15 yards and one score also. Jared Cook led the way here with 80 yards, 46 being the longest one. 

A Chance for Redemption Against Carolina

Buccaneers await Carolina Panthers in Week 2. It will be the home debut for Brady, Gronk, Fournette, and several other players who arrived this summer, but unfortunately, without the full capacity of the stadium.

The team from Charlotte lost their opener against the Las Vegas Raiders 34-30, and now have to tough road games, the first being in Florida. 

Following this one, the Bucs travel to Denver and then host the Chargers at home. 

On the other side, the Saints head for Nevada and the new Allegiant Stadium, where they face the Raiders in their first appearance in a new home. After that, Sean Payton’s boys have to games against the NFC North rivals, the Packers at home and the Saints on the road.