Sunday saw both guests winning the NFL Wild Card round matchups. The Seattle Seahawks were better than the Eagles in Philly 17-9, while Minnesota Vikings surprised the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome snatching a 26-20 OT victory.

Wentz’s Injury Decides the Game

Seattle was the slight favorite before the game, but once Jadeveon Clowney tackled Carson Wentz, the game was pretty much in Seahawks’ hands. Eagles’ QB had to go out after a hard helmet hit to the ground, and after evaluation, the doctors wouldn’t allow his comeback on the field. Also, while falling to the ground, Clowney viciously hit Wentz in the back of his head, making this one a very controversial situation.

The Eagles players accused Seahawks’ DE that he intentionally tried to hurt their best player, but he denies such allegations.

“My intention was not to hurt him,” he said. “I was just playing fast.”

Still, after seeing the hit, the doubt stays.

Nevertheless, Wentz’s injury was a blessing for the Seahawks, who took command of the field and prevented the Eagles from scoring a touchdown. All nine points were from field-goals, while on the other side, Marshawn Lynch and DK Metcalf delivered one apiece.

Metcalf’s score was fantastic, as the rookie WR caught the football, fell on the ground, managed to get back on his feet, and enter the zone while facing one of his guards. By the way, it was a 53-yard TD. Metcalf ended the night with 160 yards in seven receptions.

Russell Wilson had 325 yards and that one TD toss.

For the Eagles, Josh McCown, who replaced Wentz, had 174 yards without touchdown passes or interceptions, but with two fumbles.

The Seahawks are going to Green Bay next week to face their old enemy Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. They already have an interesting playoff history, which makes this matchup even more exciting.

Kirk Cousins Saves the Day

For the first time in his career, Kirk Cousins posted a playoff win. And like many times before, he went against the expectations. Vikings’ QB failed to step up in numerous situations prior to this one when he had a much easier job. But now, when everybody saw the Saints in the next round, Captain Kirk prevented that from happening.

His pass during the overtime to Adam Thielen 43-yards long set up the Vikes scrimmage line two yards away from the end zone. He would later find Kyle Rudolph in the end zone for a game-winning TD.

However, we need to say that Rudolph’s score might be illegal, due to a controversial contact he made with one of the Eagles defenders. Vikes’ TE extended his arm and created a decisive advantage before catching the ball. We are not going to make any decisions on this, but you have the video, so take a look at it.

The Saints fans and the management of the franchise are furious with this situation not being called, and after last year’s bad decisions against the Rams, the frustration in Louisiana is reaching its peak.

Anyhow, the Vikes won 26-20, in a thrilling game which saw both sides leading throughout the event. Cousins had 242 yards for one touchdown, while on the other side, Drew Brees threw for 208 yards for a TD and one interception. Dalvin Cook had two rushing touchdowns.

Minnesota travels to San Francisco to face the 49ers led by Jimmy Garropolo.