Tomas Tuchel is having problems, and the game against Bochum could be his last if Bayern doesn’t play well. The Bavarians travel to meet the team desperate to win some points and move up the ladder, and following a disastrous loss in the Champions League, this might be quite the challenge. 

Before Betting on Bochum vs. Bayern Munich

Bochum plays with the shaky champions and the team from Rhurstadion is determined to exploit all the problems their upcoming rivals have. Since coming back from the winter break, they have only one loss, but on the other hand, one win with three ties. 

Unlike during the first part of the year, Bochum’s games aren’t that efficient, as four of them saw two goals at most. However, four of five ended with both teams netting. The Undescendables have just one loss at Rhurstadion, with three wins and six ties. 

Bayern was extremely pale in Rome, where they suffered a 1-0 defeat to Lazio. It was yet another poor display of the German champs, who aren’t as confident under Tuchel as they used to be in the past, and there’s no debate about that at all. Even the German media isn’t trying to hide that. 

Following a loss to Leverkusen on the road, 3-0, this was one more game in which Bayern couldn’t score, and that’s solely because of Tuchel’s tactics and his gameplan, which simply isn’t suitable for Bayern’s mentality and the players they have. If they fail to present a decent performance here, there is a high possibility to see him ousted from his seat.

Bochum vs. Bayern Munich Bundesliga Odds

The hosts play tough and physical football and are pretty aggressive at home. Bayern is dazzled but still stronger than Bochum, and the guests should show some reaction after back-to-back defeats. That’s why we have to pick them. 

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