The PGA Tour Policy Board announced the final 2 candidates for the Chairman of the Player Advisory Council, earlier last month. Jordan Spieth and Billy Hurley III are the final 2 candidates who will be squaring off for the relatively unknown position but what has made this interesting election take center stage in recent PGA news is because of a video that was released by Billy Hurley, in attempts to secure the public vote… Or at least to win the humorous portion of the election.

The winner of the election will serve a three-year term, replacing Davis Love III and starting in 2019.  Both Jordan Spieth and Billy Hurley currently serve among the 16 members of the Players Advisory Council.

On Monday morning, at around 10:30 AM early released a video titled Election 18, Chairman of the Player Advisory Council.  In the video, Hurley takes satirical shots at Jordan Spieth, claiming he is a one percenter due to his number 3 world ranking. Hurley says that Spieth can’t relate to the common golfer, and therefore shouldn’t be elected as the Chairman of the Player Advisory Council

Hurley then goes on to claim that Jordan is a dictator and enjoys ordering people around, especially caddie Michael Greller.  Hurley called it disgusting and showed several still images of Spieth yelling and ordering people around. In some of the images you see Spieth pointing and in others you see him ordering his caddie around, or at least that is what it is made out to look like.

Hurley then goes on to use Jordan Spieth’s own words were Jordan said he really doesn’t listen or pay attention to what other people say, calling him pathetic.  Hurley used a video of Spieth saying those exact words that he doesn’t pay attention to what people say.   Hurley then introduces himself by saying that the PGA doesn’t need a golden child, they need a golden man!

Hurley introduced himself as a veteran and serving our country for 5 years and talk about while serving in this capacity in the military operating a military vessel and then immediately compares it to a video that shows Jordan Spieth and another individual in a small canoe type boat, asking what kind of driving skills does Jordan have???  Hurley hits hard on the fact that he was a US Naval Academy Graduate and served his country with honor.

The video then continues on by comparing Jordan and Hurley at the Travelers championship, where Jordan Spieth won the tournament and averaged $4567 per shot, while Hurley missed the cut and made $0 per shot but simply did it for the love of the game.  The narrator speeds up his voice in this part, showing excitement for not making any money, while Spieth made a ton of money winning the tournament.

The video is absolutely hilarious and truly makes a non-exciting position that would never even be talked about, create massive hysteria on twitter among the pros of the PGA. It is not clear who put the video together for Hurley or who does the narration but the video itself is absolutely hilarious and remind you of something you would see on Saturday Night Live.  This is a first of its kinds and if there is a award for most comical election video, this has to be a top choice!

Even Jordan Spieth himself joined in on the fun with a smiley face and the quote, “the facts check out, you’ve got my vote!!”  In less than 12 hours, the video has been viewed over 400,000 times and is gaining steam with over 388 comments, 4000 retweets and 8500 likes. Many people on Twitter are waiting patiently to see if there will be a response from Spieth in reference to another video that will fire back at Hurley but as of Monday Night, there was no video.

The voting will end on Tuesday, February 13 with the winner being announced shortly thereafter.

If you have not seen the video, CLICK HERE to check it out! Both Jordan Spieth and Billy Hurley will compete against each other in Pacific Palisades, California in the 2018 Genesis open from the Riviera country club.  It’s a pretty safe assumption to think that we would hear a lot more about this over the telecast this week for the Genesis Open.  Jordan Spieth is the second choice at +1200 while Billy Hurley is the longest shot on the board at +100000.