It has been quite the season for the NFL thanks to the pandemic but now football fans have a lot to get excited about as the Super Bowl LV is finally here. This sets the pace for a very exciting weekend and it gets even more exciting for sports bettors with all of the amazing promotions, contests and odds that BetOnline has furnished just for them. That is exactly where you need to be if you are looking for the most competitive Super Bowl sports betting offerings from one of the most trustworthy sportsbooks.

The Contests

BetOnline has some pretty huge plans for the Super Bowl with mind-blowing contests topping the list of the exciting things to look forward to. There are two of those and they will be running from February 7 giving the gamblers a chance to tap into the action as early as possible.

betonline props predictor contest

It all starts with the $5,500 Super Bowl Score Predictor where the sports bettors will be betting on what they think the final score of the Super Bowl LV will be. Also running at the same time will the $5,500 Super Bowl Props Predictor contest which aims to make things a little more interesting. For this, the players will be tasked with answering 20 questions correctly. The higher the points you earn, the higher your chances of winning a share of the $55,000 Prize Pool.

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Tons of Prop Odds

The fun continues with BetOnline’s over 1,100 prop odds all of which have already been detailed explicitly on the site. Unfortunately, due to word of potential leaks, the sportsbook will not be offering any Halftime Show props. This should not be much of an issue especially because it means that the site is always working on guaranteeing fairness. Besides, as mentioned above, there are lots of other prop odds to choose from.

The Special Prop

If proposition bets are your thing then you will love BetOnline’s all-new Special Prop. For this special offering, the players will be betting on whether the winner of Super Bowl LV will score at least 1 point or more in their Week 1 opening game of the 2020/2021 season.

The rotation number for this Special Prop is 999998 with the bets capped at $25.It will be available till Tuesday, February 9 which should be more than enough time to showcase your prediction skills. More info on the current odds can be found here.

Also, BetOnline is offering you the option of trying out other things during the breaks. Its $55,000 Blackjack Tournament which will be running till Monday, February 8 is a great place to start. Its $55,000 Prize Pool is certainly very hard to ignore – all you need to do to get a piece of it is be among the top 55 players.