We have special news for all the NFL fans and bettors. and came up with fantastic promotions and competitions that could significantly boost your financial situation. 

If you’re interested in this, stay tuned for the next five minutes and find out what we’re talking about.

10% BTC Boost

The BTC Bost is for all those who make deposits in Bitcoin, with the promotion lasting until Tuesday, September 12. 

There are specific terms and conditions one must fulfill to unlock the promotion. 

1. Your account must be eligible for the boost, and you must opt-in to receive the 10% Boost on your deposits via Bitcoin.

2. If your account is eligible for the boost, the opt-in toggle will be placed below the input amount field on the deposit screen.

3. The boosted deposit amount must be subject to player-specific wagering requirements before any funds or winnings can be withdrawn. Please check the Terms and Conditions on the deposit screen for wagering requirements applicable to your account.

4. Non-boosted deposits will be subject to the regular 1x (one-time) rollover requirement.

5. The 10% boost is automatically added to your cash balance and not as a free-play bonus.

6. Rollover requirements for additional Promo Codes must be met if used with boosted deposits.

7. Wagers on any of our craps games will not count towards meeting the rollover requirements.

8. This is a limited-time offer.

9. Please see BetOnline’s General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.

10. Player eligibility and wagering requirements may vary over time. Visit the Cashier for a personalized view of deposit limits, available boost percentages, and rollover requirements.

Introducing the $200,000 NFL MegaContest!

Experience the joy of the 2023 NFL season like never before with the fantastic MegaContest competition. Unlike last year, where entries required real money, this year’s contest is free, with the participants receiving one entry for each round of NFL football.

And the best part? You get a chance to win a share of the massive $200,000 cash prize!

To participate, simply submit your entry for each week of the NFL regular season. But here’s the exciting part – if you deposit a minimum of $25 in cryptocurrency, there is a bonus second entry in the contest, doubling your chances to win!

Let’s break down the prize distribution for this contest. Throughout the 18-week NFL season, $150,000 will be evenly split among the winners, with $8,333.33 up for grabs each week. To claim your stake, correctly predict five or more spreads for the specified week of the NFL campaign, and part of the weekly prize will end up in your pocket.

There’s even more! The top 100 handicappers in the contest will also receive a solid reward. $50,000 will be awarded to these individuals at the end of the regular season, while the first-placed handicapper walks away with a grand prize of $10,000 in cash!

Introducing the $250,000 NFL Survivor Contest!

BetOnline and SportsBetting invite you to test your skills and resilience in an exciting Survivor Contest. With a staggering prize pool of $250,000, this is your chance to emerge victorious and claim your cut of the action.

In 2023, our Survivor Contest comes with a massive change compared to the previous year. They’ve eliminated the rake, meaning that every dollar from each entry fee goes to the growing prize pool once the $250,000 figure is eclipsed.

Survivor Contest

Here’s how things work here. The NFL Survivor Contest begins in Week 1 of the 2023 NFL Season and continues through Week 18, noting that the postseason is not included. Registration opens on Friday, July 14, 2023, and closes on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 8:05 pm (ET). 

To participate, simply purchase at least one entry, which costs $30. To increase your chances of winning, you can enter multiple times and use the discounted rates in such cases. Overall, one participant can enter up to 25 times.

The $250,000 Prize Accumulator

We’ve already stated that the 2023 Survivor Contest guarantees an outstanding prize of $250,000. Every additional dollar collected from entry fees above the initial 250k will contribute to the pool, making it even more lucrative for the winner or winners. The prize money will be paid in cash, with absolutely no rollover conditions.