Manchester United heads to Spain with a 4-1 lead over Betis. We’ve seen miracles in the Europa League before, and the team from Seville hopes to deliver one on Thursday night. 

Before Betting on Betis vs. Manchester United

Heliopolitanos haven’t won in the past three events, having two draws in La Liga vs. Real Madrid, 0-0, and Villarreal on the road, 1-1. In between, they were defeated at Old Trafford, 4-1, allowing three goals in the second 45 minutes. 

In the past six games at home, Betis won just one, with their defense being pretty poor, allowing two or more hits frequently. The rivals were rough, Bilbao, Barcelona, Celta, Real, etc, but still, it can only partially justify their situation. 

United bounced back following a disaster against Liverpool pretty quickly, beating Betis, but after that, once again slipped in one Premiership challenge, playing without goals against Southampton at Trafford.

The Red Devils play interesting and efficient events away from home, and four of the past five ended with at least three goals. Though, their record isn’t shiny at all, having recorded two wins and losses each and one draw throughout that period. 

Betis vs. Manchester United Europa League Offshore Odds

Offshore Sportsbook Betis Draw Man Utd

The Spaniards have nothing to wait for and have to attack United immediately. This will open up chances for scoring on both ends of the field, and that’s why we bet on each time to net at least once.