Even though it won’t be an official match, the boxing clash between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen is one of the biggest events this month. The two MMA greats, who are in retirement for quite some time, meet in Sao Paulo on June 15.

Before Betting on Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Silva has experience in this area because he already fought his countryman, also an MMA expert, Bruni Machado back in 2022. He would escape the loss in that exhibition, with the result being a tie, despite Spider’s trip to the floor in the fifth round.

Silva’s MMA career was one of the greatest in history, even though his finish was utterly poor, with him winning just one of the final nine appearances in the octagon. He was already old back then, and trying to extend his career for who knows what reasons.

On the other side, Sonnen, too, had a lousy ending to his MMA career. Four losses in six matches didn’t diminish his legacy, but they did leave a bad taste, especially because he tried to return from retirement unsuccessfully.

His most recent fight was in 2019, when Lyoto Machida knocked out the American at Bellator 222. He previously lost to the great Fedor Emalianenko at Bellator 208 in 2018.

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Boxing Odds

Silva Sonnen

To be honest, we don’t believe that the physical shape of either fighter presents some huge factor here, even though Silva looks better, because he trains his son constantly and is a coach to several fighters. In our opinion, the difference in respective styles is a difference-maker here, with Silva’s boxing being much better than Sonnen’s. The American was an elite wrestler throughout his career, and even though he had a solid stand-up game, overall, it’s way beneath Spider’s level.