Brooklyn Nets brought the former No.2 pick, Micheal Beasley after experiencing several setbacks over the recent few days. The Nets also acquired veteran Jamal Crawford.

Beasley Lands in Brooklyn

Michael Beasley is ready to take on new basketball challenges wearing Brooklyn Nets’uniform. The veteran signed a contract with the Nets today, after which he flew down to Florida to join his new teammates.

According to the Nets’ GM, Sean Marks, he already landed Beasley arrived in Florida, where he did all the formalities, and is now away from the team, as he needs to have six negative COVID-19 tests before starting to train.

“So Michael gives us a chance to put the ball in his hands and he can score from multiple positions, he can play multiple positions for us,” said Sean Marks, Nets’ GM.

The Nets were in serious trouble these days; once three more players had to withdraw from the planned activities in Orlando. Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan, and Taurean Prince all have Coronavirus, which is why they can’t help the team.

Before that, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving already fell off from the list of passengers to Florida, even though there were some noises that Durant might play as he returned to the training sessions. The entire situation surrounding the two-time NBA Finals MVP was an enigma until recently he revealed that he wouldn’t be playing, but wait for the next campaign.

That is why Brooklyn had to reach and bring some replacements. After Jamal Crawford yesterday, Bisley signed today.

He is a 12-year veteran who will be used in several situations. First, Beasley is a good player who can provide 15-20 minutes of very solid basketball each night. Yet, the Nets see him as a mentor to younger players. The 31-year old has vast experience behind him.

Many are afraid that he might be out of shape, because his last game in the NBA took place in February 2019. He did play in China afterward, but that is hardly a prominent competition, with all due respect.

Beasley played for seven NBA teams, Miami, Minnesota, Phoenix, Houston, Milwaukee, and the Knicks. He has 12 seasons behind him and 609 games, with an average of 12.4 points and 4.7 boards.

Nets Land Crawford, In Talks With Amir Johnson

After all the problems they’ve experienced, Brooklyn had to search available players, and one of them was Jamal Crawford, the 19-season veteran, and one of the most recognized guys in the last two decades.

The terms haven’t been revealed at the moment, but, surely, Crawford stays in the team until the end of the campaign. The last team where he played were the Phoenix Suns, and in 64 matches, the experienced guard recorded 7.9 points and 3.6 assists.

He would score 51 points against the Mavs, becoming the oldest guy to breach the 50-point limit. He also became the most efficient player in one game, not to begin it in the starting lineup.

Crawford is the three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner. He also won the 2018 NBA Teammate of the Year Award.

In 1,326 matches, the 8th overall pick from the 2000 NBA draft posted 14.6 points, and 3.4 assists, with 34.8% shooting from downtown. He, too, will be of use to the Nets who are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference standings.

According to sources, they are also in talks with the former Toronto Raptors’ forward, Amir Johnson.