Aaron Rodgers just dropped a bomb, indicating that at some point he might leave the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers Could Move on From the Packs Before Retiring

After the recent decision of the Packs’ management to trade up at the NFL draft and pick Jordan Love in the first round, a small revolution began inside the gridiron community. Many saw that as a signal that the two-time MVP might not stay in Wisconsin until the end of his contract.

Usually, when a team drafts a QB in the first round, while having a veteran on that position on the field, it suggests that there would be some kind of a change.

What was even more controversial is the fact that none of the executives spoke with Rodgers about this before the draft, and that he had no clue about the decision. It is something that a franchise leader should know, and with this action, Packers’ management severely undermined the trust between the two sides.

The player himself stated that he didn’t feel very comfortable once seeing and hearing the news, but that he accepted it. But his statement from today was pretty disturbing for every Pack fan. The 36-year old explained that he had the desire to stay at Lambeau until the end of his career, but that now he thinks that won’t be possible.

“So my sincere desire to start and finish with the same organization, just as it has with many other players over the years, may not be a reality at this point.”

After hearing this, the social networks went wild, and the experts once again started producing all sorts of stories and prognosis.

Rodgers has a contract past 2023, but also there is an option for both parties to split ways after the 2021 campaign.

Love as a Replacement, History Repeating

Jordan Love played for Utah State University, and was according to the scouts, the third-best QB in this draft. Though he didn’t have some standout career in college, something drew the attention of Green Bay’s staff, and the team decided to trade up on the draft night to select the 21-year old.

All this is similar to the situation once Rodgers came to the league. He was also coming to a team with a stellar QB, and a living legend, Brett Favre.

At first, one of the most influential guys of all time in the NFL didn’t want to accept the newbie and was pretty ruthless towards him. However, after a while, Favre’s stance was relaxed, and the two began cooperating.

Rodgers finds himself in the same position, but unlike Favre, he stated right at the start that he wants to help Love and that he isn’t willing to create any troubles. AR contacted the rookie one day following the draft, and for now, that seems ok.

Green Bay reached the NFC Championship Game last year, and the franchise from the north believes that they can go at least one step further. It is up to Rodgers to accept all the challenges and prove why many believe he is the best passer in the league.