The game of the night this Tuesday is in Boston, where Celtics host their bitter rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers. The home unit is in one hell of a shape right now, beating rivals without problems, while Philly shows plenty of weaknesses, even though they sit near the top of the conference. 

Before Betting on 76ers vs. Celtics

Three losses in the past five games are enough to say that the 76ers struggle. When we add that all the defeats came at home, that might give a hint about the current situation. Joel Embiid is out due to his injury, and the reigning MVP probably can’t help this team until the end of the campaign.

This leaves the Sixers in a pretty poor situation because they don’t have the proper replacement. They were helpless against the Bucks in their previous appearance, losing 119-98. It was a routine defeat, with Nick Nurse’s unit failing to be competitive throughout the entire event.

On the other side are the Celtics, who have eight victories in a row, looking powerful and relentless. They are by far the best team in the East, and the Cs are proving that from night to night. Four of the previous five victories were on the road, against the Heat, Nets, Bulls, and Knicks, and in each one, we’ve seen them pour at least 110 points. 

Everyone talks about Jokic, Shai, and Luka when it comes to the MVP race, yet nobody recognizes Jayson Tatum’s fantastic performances. He averages 26.9 points, 8.5 boards and 4.8 assists. Plus, his team is probably the best in the league while typing this article. 

76ers vs. Celtics NBA Offshore Betting Odds

Offshore SportsbookMoneylineTotalSpread
BetOnline76ers (6.25) | Celtics (1.13)22876ers +12 (1.91) | Celtics -12 (1.91)
MyBookie76ers (6.50) | Celtics (1.15)22876ers +12 (1.87) | Celtics -12 (1.95)
BetUS76ers (6.52) | Celtics (1.13)228.576ers +12.5 (1.87) | Celtics -12.5 (1.95)
SportsBetting.ag76ers (6.25) | Celtics (1.13)22876ers +12 (1.91) | Celtics -12 (1.91)
XBet76ers (6.50) | Celtics (1.15)22876ers +12 (1.87) | Celtics -12 (1.95)

Boston will demonstrate its power in this one, and we strongly believe that the offered spread of 12.5 points will be covered here. Simply, this will be a message to all the other rivals not to mess with the Cs, and one hard slap for Philly, who has been their big rival for these couple of years.