The NFC South was, for many, the worst division last season. Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won the division title with a negative record and still managed to reach the playoffs. There were plenty of changes this summer, and expect to see all four teams with plenty of new faces.

Before Betting on 2023 NFC South Winners

After a period in which the New Orleans Saints dominated the division, winning four consecutive titles in a row, and becoming the most successful team in the group, over the past two years, we’ve seen the Buccaneers holding the top. 

Without Tom Brady on the field, the new era began for the Bucs, who have to figure out what to do next after GOAT’s departure. 

2023 NFC South Winners Offshore Betting Odds

The Saints are the top favorites to win the NFC’s South, and that’s because they got a solid QB in Derek Carr. The former Raiders superstar decided to move from Nevada to Florida and try his luck in Louisiana. 

He will have plenty of weapons at his disposal, Alvin Kamara, Chris Olave, and Michael Thomas, who all love gunslingers like Carr. No need to explain the Saints’ defense, one of the best in the league in the past few years. 

The Falcons have a very young core and may be one of the most talented in the league. Names like Desmond Riffer, Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allgeier, and this year’s No.8 pick, Bijan Robinson, guarantee a bright future for the franchise from Georgia. 

Right behind are the Carolina Panthers, who picked up the No.1 pick this year, QB Bruce Young. They also have a new head coach, Frank Reich, who prefers an offensive-minded mindset, meaning new faces like Adam Thielen might have plenty of room to showcase their skills. 

New Orleans Saints2.25
Atlanta Falcons3.25
Carolina Panthers4.25
Tampa Bay Buccaneers8.50

In the end, we have the Bucs, who now need to figure out what to do after the Tom Brady era. Baker Mayfield landed in Florida, and this just might be the place for him with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin as primary targets.