Golden Raspberry is already a cult award in the movie industry. Here are this year’s odds for the winners in the most exciting categories. 

Before Betting on 2023 Golden Raspberry Awards

The annual award given to the worst of the worst in the movie industry is just around the corner. The show isn’t as glamorous as the Oscar awards, but it still raises massive attention and generates interest. 

2023 Golden Raspberry Worst Movie Odds

The absolute favorite in this category is the movie Morbius, based on the Marvel Comics character. The story is quite ridiculous, and the movie is to be honest, even worse. Pinocchio is the second on the list of favorites, but far away, while the King’s Daughter comes third.

King’s Daughter+1000

2023 Golden Raspberry Worst Actor

This will be the most interesting category to watch due to the “clash of titans” – Machine Gun Kelly and Jared Leto. The two musicians/actors are almost even when it comes to the odds, and small details in their terrible performances will have to decide. Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is third for his role in Pinocchio.

Machine Gun Kelly-110
Jared Leto+100
Tom Hanks+600

2023 Golden Raspberry Worst Actress

Kaya Scodelario is topping the lists in the race for the worst actress award for her role in The King’s Daughter. Behind her are Bryce Dallas Howard and another legend, Diane Keaton. 

Kaya Scoldelario-200
Bryce Dallas Howard+200
Diane Keaton+600