AFC East will be one of the most interesting divisions in the NFL and, for many, the strongest one. With Aaron Rodgers’ arrival in New York, AFC East officially became hell. 

Before Betting on 2023 AFC East Winner Odds

Everything changed with Aaron Rodgers’ decision to join the Jets. That was a massive shift of power in the league and and it made a bigger impact on the AFC East. The Jets are now a championship contender with Rodgers behind the wheel, and with their already present core, we just might see fireworks. 

Though the top favorites in this division are the Buffalo Bills, who can’t break the barrier called Kansas City Chiefs. Josh Allen is an elite QB, arguably even better than Mahomes, but simply, the Bills can’t reach the Super Bowl.

The Miami Dolphins are an enigma. They have a very talented roster but oscillate too much. They haven’t been particularly aggressive during the free agency but are still the dark horse. 

Meanwhile, the Patriots are still in a rebuild, and this season will be the last chance for Mac Jones to shine and show his potential. Otherwise, Bill Belichick won’t wait for him anymore. 

2023 AFC East Winner Offshore Betting Odds

The Bills are the first favorites, and that’s nothing strange. After all, they have been the best team in the division in the past few years. 

Buffalo Bills2.25
New York Jets3.50
Miami Dolphins3.85
New England Patriots8.50

The Jets are second because many doubt that Rodgers can click with his new teammates immediately. There are a lot of uncertainties here, especially because the entire team is now under heavy pressure. 

The Dolphins are slightly behind the Jets. Their fans hope to see Tagovailoa and Hill creating havoc, while the Patriots sit at the bottom of the list, far behind the leading trio.