The 2018 NFL combine will take place at the end of the month and the draft is just 2 months away, so that means it is time to start thinking about what potential draft picks will end up in the NFL.  This year, we anticipate being one of the busiest drafts for certain positions such as QB and with the recent head coaching changes in the NFL, it will be very interesting to see where various players end up.  This article will focus on strictly on the top 10 picks of the NFL draft and the potential selections that they may pick.

Cleveland Browns (Pick 1)

The Cleveland Browns have plenty of needs and the good thing for them is this year, they have 2 of the top 4 NFL draft picks. One of those pics is going to be a quarterback who they will hope to form into their franchise quarterback of the future.  The QB selection will most likely come with the 1st overall pick because the number 2 team making a draft, the New York Giants, are also in the market for a quarterback.

The choices are fairly deep for Cleveland this year as they have several options from which to choose from for the quarterback position. A lot of that will come down to the combine but initially it is the overwhelming consensus of experts around the world that the Cleveland Browns will select USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

Selection: Sam Darnold QB (USC)

Other Options: Baker Mayfield (Okla), Josh Rosen (UCLA) Josh Allen (Wyoming)

New York Giants (Pick 2)

The New York Giants will begin their search to find a future replacement for 37-year-old quarterback Eli Manning, who will be entering his 15th season as the New York Giants QB.  Manning struggled in 2017 but all of the giant problems cannot be dumped on the franchise quarterback. There were many numerous injuries that affected the wide receiver position, as well as at running back, and simply put Manning didn’t have the talent on the field to be successful in New York.

The most likely option for the Giants is UCLA Pro ready quarterback Josh Rosen. Many experts have said that Rosen is ready for the NFL and could immediately benefit the Giants if they decide to cut the contract heavy Eli Manning from the roster.  Although that is very unlikely, it’s much more likely that Rosen will get the chance to play backup for one year behind Manning and take over the team in 2019.

Selection: Josh Rosen QB (UCLA)

Other Options: Baker Mayfield (Okla), Josh Allen (Wyoming), Lamar Jackson (Lou.)

Indianapolis Colts (Pick 3)

The Indianapolis Colts will have the 3rd pick overall they could very well end up with the best defensive player in this draft in Defensive End Bradley Chubb from NC State.  The Colts ranked dead last in pass defense last year and were 31st in total sacks. They must do something in this off-season to improve this defense and that could start by drafting Chubb with the 3rd overall pick.

Another potential option here, one that I can see playing out as the draft gets closer, is the Colts would trade this pick for multiple draft picks. That will remain to be seen based on what offers are put on the table for the 3rd pick overall.

Selection: Bradley Chubb DE (NC State)

Other Options: Trade The Pick, Saquon Barkley RB (Penn St), Minkah Fitzpatrick DB (Alabama)

Cleveland Browns (Pick 4)

We firmly believe that the Browns will go after a quarterback with the 1st pick, and with the 2nd pick they will also go after offense but at the running back position. The Browns defense was actually respectful last year but the offense was absolutely horrendous. That should result in the Browns going after offense with both of their 1st round draft picks.

Saquon Barkley, RB from Penn State, would create an immediate hype in Cleveland and alongside a young rookie quarterback this team could be building something special. Barkley could very easily be a number 1 overall pick and therefore with the Browns picking up to number 1 overall caliber players, it has to make the future look brighter….. Especially after going 0-16 in 2017 and 1-31 in the last two years! If they don’t go RB with pick 4, they will most likely go after a WR for their QB to target.

Selection: Saquon Barkley RB (Penn State)

Other Options: Calvin Ridley WR (Alabama), Courtland Sutton WR (SMU), James Washington WR (Oklahoma St)

Denver Broncos (Pick 5)

There are 2 trains of thought for the selection: A) Broncos will go after the third best QB available in the draft  B) Broncos will go after Kirk Cousins and sign a O-Line in draft. I think I’m going to go with option B here as I can’t see John Elway struggling without a quarterback another year.

We saw the struggles this team had last year flip-flopping between quarterbacks and I just can’t see any situation where we see that again. Most likely scenario is Elway will sign cousins and then with the 5th pick they will select Notre Dame guard Quentin Nelson.  Nelson would make an immediate impact for the Broncos as he is probably one of the best offensive lineman to come out of the draft in the last several draft classes.

Selection: Quenton Nelson G (Notre Dame)

Other Options: Josh Allen QB (Wyoming), Baker Mayfield QB (Okla), Orlando Brown OT, (Okla)

New York Jets (Pick 6)

It is expected that the New York Jets will take a quarterback at the 6th overall pick. This pick is really gonna come down to who’s left as there could potentially have already been 3 quarterbacks already picked. I think the most likely possibility is the Jets would be selecting Baker Mayfield.

Some people have said that the Jets will go after Kirk cousins but the likelihood of him signing their are far-fetched. Mayfield is a glitz and glamour type of quarterback who would bring a lot of excitement to the Jets organization.

Selection: Baker Mayfield QB (Okla)

Other Options: Lamar Jackson QB (Lou), Josh Allen QB (Wyoming),

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Pick 7)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need of defense and will pick the best defensive player that is on the board at this point. Most likely, that will end up being Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB from Alabama.  Fitzpatrick would immediately start playing and make an impact for a Buccaneers defense that was horrendous in 2017.

If, and it is a BIG IF, Bradley Chubb goes without being selected in the top 6 selections, the Buccaneers will absolutely go after Chubb.  

Selection: Minkah Fitzpatrick DB (Alabama)

Other Options: Bradley Chubb DE (NC St), Tremaine Edmunds LB (Va Tech), Roquan Smith LB (Georgia)

Chicago Bears (Pick 8)

Last year the Chicago Bears moved up in the draft and selected quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.  This year, they need to go after a wide receiver for Trubisky to throw to.  Last year the Bears struggled at the wide receiver position and Alabama WR Calvin Ridley would become an immediate target for the Bears.

With Ridley on the team, the Bears would have Kevin White, Cameron Meredith and Ridley as 3 viable passing options for Trubisky.

Selection: Calvin Ridley WR (Alabama)

Other Options: Mark Andrews TE (Okla), Isaiah Wynn G (Georgia), Mike Glinchey OT (Notre Dame)

San Francisco 49’ers (Pick 9)

San Francisco 49ers ended their quarterback concerns midway through the season last year by signing former New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo is undefeated at the NFL quarterback and the Niners will most likely now turn their attention to strengthening their defense.

That will start with Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.  Edmonds is only 19 years old and his potential is endless! He could potentially be one of the most talented and physically gifted players in this entire draft.

Selection: Tremaine Edmunds LB (Virginia Tech)

Other Options: Roquan Smith LB (Georgia), Harold Landry LB/DE (Boston College), Da’Ron Payne DL (Alabama)

Oakland Raiders (Pick 10)

The Chucky era has begun in Oakland and the Raiders organization should be able to keep this powerful offense intact. That would mean the Raiders with their defense in this year’s draft. The Raiders will need inside linebacker and that will come from either the draft or from free agency.

Most logical choice for the Raiders is Roquan Smith, linebacker from Georgia.  Smith will fill a void that the Raiders will have at linebacker.  Now, keep this in mind, the Raiders will have a pending tiebreaker we flip with San Francisco and whoever wins will end up with the 9th draft choice.  If the Raiders win that draft choice, and select with the 9th pick, they will most likely take her Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

Selection: Roquan Smith LB (Georgia)

Other Options: Tremaine Edmunds LB (Va Tech), Harold Landry LB/DE (Boston College), Da’Ron Payne DL (Alabama)