What is a First Basket Parlay?

A first basket parlay is a type of parlay bet that includes exclusively “first basket” props. A first basket prop is a prop bet where you select who you think will score the first basket in a basketball game. For example, you may receive +400 odds to bet that Julius Randle will make the first […]

Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports: What’s the Difference?

It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan, evident by the vast selection of ways fans can get closer to the action. This is made clear by the available sports betting markets, and Fantasy Sports are also hugely popular. Both sectors have thrived in recent years. With over 100 million people involved in sports […]

How to Hedge a Bet?

In the world of sports betting, “hedging your bets” means to bet against your own bet. Why would you go against your previously placed bet? To make sure you end up winning regardless of the outcome of the event. Most bettors decide on hedge bets when they’re not sure their original wager is going to […]

What is an NHL Grand Salami Bet?

There are few more popular ways to bet on the latest NHL action than a Grand Salami bet. This type of bet is a classic for fans of the sport and has long been the go-to betting option for many. Instead of betting on just one game, the Grand Salami enables you to place wagers […]

The Round Robin Betting Strategy: Round Robin Bet Explained

What is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? A round robin sports bet is a type of bet that involves placing a set of multiple parlay bets. To clarify, a parlay is a type of bet that combines numerous individual bets or props, resulting in multiplied odds and payouts. An example would be betting on […]

What is a Wire-to-Wire Bet?

There is a growing number of ways to make bets online, which has been made possible due to the popularity of mobile betting. The enhanced number of players looking to make wagers has led to a more significant number of betting markets being available. This means the days of betting on Moneyline and spread options […]

What Is 3-Way Betting in Basketball?

There are few more popular sports to bet on throughout the season than basketball. No competition in the sport is as closely followed as the NBA. Some of the biggest players have starred in the league throughout their careers. However, basketball offers bettors an excellent opportunity to gain returns on their selections. One of the […]

What is Puck Line Betting? Hockey Betting Explained

Betting on the NHL is extremely popular throughout the season, but most gamblers get more involved when the competition reaches the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The leading sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting markets throughout the season, for every game. One of the most popular betting options available to gamblers is Puck Line betting. But […]

College Basketball Betting Strategies and Tips 2024

The 2022-23 NCAA Basketball season kicks off with dozens of games on November 7. With another exciting college basketball season on the horizon, let’s look at some key betting strategies and tips on how to bet on college basketball. Take Advantage of the Number of Teams One of the most notable things about college basketball […]

What Does PK Mean in Soccer Betting?

What does PK mean in betting? In the soccer betting universe, the letters PK refer to pick’em (or pick), a type of two-way wager. How it works is that you get to bet on one of the two possible outcomes – Team A or Team B. If your team wins, you win the money (stake […]