There are few faster-growing sports in the world today than Formula 1. Due to the success of Drive To Survive, more and more fans from across the globe are turning to the F1 action weekly. This has led to a spike in the number of players making wagers on the action throughout the season.

However, how can you get started on Formula 1 betting, and what key markets will bettors wager on throughout the season?

Find The Best Sportsbook for F1 Bets

Before making wagers on the Formula 1 action, you must find a sportsbook tailored to your motor racing betting needs. This includes examining whether the sportsbook you are considering signing up for enables bets on the F1 action.

Furthermore, you should examine whether a trusted governing body regulates the site. Also, check for welcome bonuses you can take advantage of.

Outright F1 Betting

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The most popular betting option for Formula 1 bets is being able to wager on the driver and constructor that will win the respective titles at the end of the season. These markets will be open throughout the season, but you will likely get better value before the season officially begins.

For example, you could get +360 on Lewis Hamilton to win the Drivers’ Championship at the start of the season. However, that price could be cut if the Brit wins the season’s first race. Examining the best time to make a wager on this market is imperative.

Race Winner

The most popular market for an F1 bet is by placing a stake on the driver that will win the race. These markets are open in the week leading up to the Grand Prix, and you will get returns should your selection be standing at the top of the podium after the race.

Podium Finish

There could be better value in wagering on the driver that finishes on the podium. It is an excellent way to get additional value on an outside selection, as your driver can finish second or third, as well as first. The selected driver must finish in the top three for this bet to be a winner.

Fastest Lap

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The driver that finishes the race with the fastest lap will get a bonus point. So it’s always worth making a wager on the driver that achieves this feat. The driver with the current fastest lap is displayed with a purple clock. If your selected driver finishes with the honor, you will get the returns.

Props Betting

Prop betting is extremely popular when wagering on the F1 action, as you can join up several different markets to get better value on your selections. For example, you could have Max Verstappen winning the race, Charles Leclerc finishing on the podium, and Carlos Sainz scoring the fastest lap. If all these factors occur, then you will be paid out.

F1 Betting Tips

Formula one betting requires examining all data available. That includes exploring recent race trends, such as whether specific constructors have dominant records at the track. Bettors should also keep a close eye on practice and qualifying, as these will directly impact the car’s performances over race weeks.

The latter will also set the grid for the Grand Prix. Examining how drivers have performed and whether the car will suit the track is imperative before making a wager on any race on the F1 schedule.