Ja Morant Props Offshore Betting Odds

Ja Morant was at the center of the media attention these days, not because of positive actions, but completely opposite. His behavior has made him one of the biggest villains in the NBA. Before Betting on Ja Morant Props Morant has been one of the biggest stars in the league, and arguably one of the […]

Draymond Green Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

Draymond Green was one of the most vital players in the Warriors’ dynasty, but after 11 years, he decided to hit free agency this summer. The 33-year-old veteran is about to find himself a new team.  These odds are for the teams and do not include the Warriors.  Before Betting on Draymond Green Next Team […]

Russell Westbrook Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

Russell Westbrook will be among the most interesting players for many teams in the league this summer. The former NBA MVP is right now in LA, with the Clippers, but the way things develop, he might be out pretty soon due to all the activity in the free agency.  Let us remind these odds don’t […]

Damian Lillard Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

The time has come for Damian Lillard to leave Portland and be in the team that can actually attack the title. One of the best players in the past two decades is in his prime and can’t waste time playing for mediocre teams.  Before Betting on Damian Lillard Next Team Dame is one of the […]

Trae Young Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

There are some talks that Trae Young might leave the Atlanta Hawks. If he decides to do that, here are the odds for his next destination. Before Betting on Trae Young Next Team Young was the fifth pick from the 2018 NBA Draft, picked by the Atlanta Hawks. In no time, he became one of […]

Zion Williamson Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

Zion Williamson went from being the most hyped prospect after LeBron, to a potential bust. It seems that the New Orleans Pelicans aren’t willing to wait for him anymore, and there is plenty of talks that they might decide to trade the massive power forward.  Before Betting on Zion Williamson Next Team The top pick […]

Victor Wembanyama Props Offshore Betting Odds

Victor Wembanyama is the future No.1 pick at the NBA Draft and apparently, the guy who will change the balance of power in the NBA. Here are some NBA props for this youngster. Before Betting on Victor Wembanyama Props The 19-year-old is arguably the greatest NBA prospect since LeBron. The media hype surrounding this guy […]

2024 NBA Champion Early Offshore Betting Odds

The early 2024 NBA champion odds have been released by, and we are here to present them, even though the free agency hasn’t even started.  Before Betting on the 2024 NBA Champions Denver Nuggets have won this year’s Lary O’Brien trophy, which is their first title in the history of the franchise, which joined […]