A first basket parlay is a type of parlay bet that includes exclusively “first basket” props. A first basket prop is a prop bet where you select who you think will score the first basket in a basketball game. For example, you may receive +400 odds to bet that Julius Randle will make the first basket in the Knicks vs Bulls game. A first basket parlay simply combines multiple first basket props. Here is an example of an NBA first basket parlay that won a bettor over £20,000 last season:

Kyle Kuzma

First basket parlay image

First Basket DET vs WAS


Luke Doncic

First Basket DAL vs NO


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

First Basket LAC vs OKC


In order to win this first basket parlay, all three players would need to score the first baskets in their individual games. In this particular case, they did, and the bettor turned a £75 bet into over £20,000. First basket parlays are considered “lottery bets” due to their low chances of paying out and relative unpredictability, but also the potential to have massive payouts. First basket parlays are a great way to turn a small bet into something huge!