There are few more popular sports to bet on throughout the season than basketball. No competition in the sport is as closely followed as the NBA. Some of the biggest players have starred in the league throughout their careers.

However, basketball offers bettors an excellent opportunity to gain returns on their selections. One of the most popular types of wagers available comes in the form of the 3 way bet.

What Does 3 Way Mean in Betting?

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The 3 way market is one of the most popular in sports betting, offering three options available to the bettor. All three results can be wagered on, which is slightly different from Moneyline betting, as you don’t have the option to bet on the draw.

However, the draw is a hugely lucrative option for bettors in basketball, as very few games end in ties. Still, that could only open up a potential avenue for profit.

How To Win On 3-Way Betting

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Betting on 3-way betting is one of the most straightforward to understand. The bettor needs to predict the game’s outcome after regulation time. If a game heads into overtime, the wining selection will be the draw.

If you have selected one of the teams to win, you will lose the bet if overtime is required to determine the winner. For example, if you bet on the Toronto Raptors to beat the Golden State Warriors, then the Raptors will need to have won the game at the end of regulation to get returns from your selection.

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In truth, Moneyline betting remains the most popular selection for those looking to wager on the NBA. A critical reason for this is the bet is covered, even if the game goes into overtime. However, if you wager on 3-way betting and overtime is required, the only winning selection is a draw.

Nonetheless, it does mean that there is more value in betting on the 3-way market. This is because you require the selected team to win the game in regulation time. However, Moneyline bets remain the most popular in the NBA, as bettors often combine more than one selection into a longer-form multiple.

3-Way Betting Tips

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When making wagers on 3-way bets, the tips to follow aren’t too dissimilar to the steps players would follow when betting on any other basketball market. Therefore, bettors will need to understand both teams’ current forms. This requires you to examine any winning or losing streak involving a team.

The schedule is also a key factor, as teams playing on back-to-back nights may be more fatigued. Bettors should also examine the latest team news, including searching for any injury issues which could lead to star players being missing. Finally, bettors should review both teams’ home and road records.