• The 2024 NBA Draft has concluded, with several teams making big moves.
  • The first round had a few major surprises, and many expected selections.
  • Draft grades spanning from A+ to F will be handed out to all 30 NBA teams.

With the 2024 NBA Draft concluded, let’s break down each and every pick of the first round. We’ll discuss any trades that occurred, the potential fit of each selection, and give an official draft grade to all 30 NBA teams.

NBA Draft Grades

#1 – Zaccharie Risacher (Hawks)

The Hawks decided to go with Risacher at #1, as many expected. Risacher may not have as high of a ceiling as Alex Sarr, but his defensive ability as a long wing is something coveted by the league. He should make an immediate impact for Atlanta.

  • Grade: A-

#3 – Reed Shepard (Rockets)

After Risacher and Sarr, the draft board got murkier. Shepard is the best shooter in the class, hitting over 50% of his 3pt attempts in college last year. However, Shepard played limited minutes and has some legitimate risk as a top-3 selection.

  • Grade: B-

#5 – Ron Holland (Pistons)

Holland was an intriguing pick for the Pistons at #5. He was one of the youngest players in the draft, which fits Detroit’s timeline. On the other hand, he’ll have to work to improve the key aspects of his game. This selection was a bit of a reach.

  • Grade: C

#7 – Donovan Clingan (Trail Blazers)

Seeing Clingan fall to them at #7 was the dream scenario for Portland. The Blazers now have a solid young core after trading for Deni Avdija and drafting Clingan. Scoot Henderson needs to take a step forward, but this is a great start for Portland.

  • Grade: A+

#9 – Zach Edey (Grizzlies)

Oh man, what was Memphis thinking? Zach Edey thrived on his size and experience in college, aspects that won’t be as skewed in his favor in the NBA. Edey is big and strong enough to be a solid backup center, but a top-10 selection is just awful.

  • Grade: F

#11 – Matas Buzelis (Bulls)

It was hard not to tear up watching Buzelis get selected by his home-town team on draft night. Full of emotion, Buzelis was extremely thankful to be selected by Chicago. He is a super intelligent athlete that had top-5 potential. Excellent pick.

  • Grade: A+

#13 – Devin Carter (Kings)

Devin Carter makes a lot of sense for the Kings. He is a hard-working player and an excellent facilitator. He should be able to help coax Sacramento’s offense with some improved ball movement. He is a great fit for a competing team.

  • Grade: A-

#15 – Kel’el Ware (Heat)

The Heat surprised many with their selection of Ware. With Clingan and Edey off the board at 7 and 9, Miami likely felt pressured to snag one of the top remaining big men. Ware is a solid player, but there were still a lot of good options available.

  • Grade: C

#17 – Dalton Knecht (Lakers)

Los Angeles was another team with their dream scenario realized in this draft. Knecht was widely considered to be a top-10 selection, but fell right into the laps of the SF-needy Lakers. He should make a notable impact on the floor as a rookie.

  • Grade: A+

#19 – Ja’Kobe Walter (Raptors)

Walter was an excellent selection for the Raptors at #19. It’s surprising he fell this far, but Toronto is certainly happy with the result. The Raptors will take full advantage of Walter’s ability to score, while working on developing his defensive game.

  • Grade: A-

#21 – Yves Missi (Pelicans)

Getting Yves Missi at #21 must have felt like a steal for the Pelicans after Edey and Ware went inside the top-15. Missi is a raw prospect that needs time to develop, but his upside as an interior defender is notable. This is a good pick.

  • Grade: A-

#23 – AJ Johnson (Bucks)

Johnson was another 2nd-round projection that was a bit of a surprise to be taken this early. If Milwaukee sees something they like in him, it’s hard to fault them for this selection. That being said, a trade back would have been superior.

  • Grade: C-

#25 – Pacôme Dadiet (Knicks)

Dadiet wasn’t expected to be selected in the first round, which docks this grade for the Knicks a bit. However, if New York chooses to stash Dadiet overseas and sign their 2nd-round picks to cheaper contracts, it will make a lot more sense.

  • Grade: C+

#27 – Terrence Shannon (Timberwolves)

Having cleared any legal accusations prior to the draft, Terrence Shannon Jr. was selected by Minnesota as the first round neared its end. Shannon may have gone even higher had he not missed time last season. This is a good pick.

  • Grade: B

#29 – Isaiah Collier (Jazz)

Collier was a top prospect entering college at USC, but saw his NBA stock decline during the season. That being said, the tools that made him so highly rated are still there, and Collier is only 19-years-old. This is a huge steal for the Jazz at pick #29.

  • Grade: A

#2 – Alexandre Sarr (Wizards)

Washington was thrilled to see Alex Sarr fall into their laps. Sarr is rapidly improving on both sides of the ball and has the highest chance in the class of developing into an all-star talent. The youth movement in Washington is officially underway.

  • Grade: A

#4 – Stephon Castle (Spurs)

Castle is one of the most transcendent athletes of this draft, making him an intriguing fit alongside Wemby. Castle is big and long for a guard, and has a frantic and swarming defensive style that often disrupts opposing offenses. This is a good pick.

  • Grade: B+

#6 – Tidjane Salaün (Hornets)

As another one of the youngest players in the draft, Salaün offers Charlotte with a ton of upside. He is a talented perimeter defender, which will makes things easier for LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller. The Hornets reached a bit to take him at #6.

  • Grade: B-

#8 – Rob Dillingham (Timberwolves)

This was one of the most surprising picks of the night. It would have made complete sense for the Spurs to take Dillingham, but the subsequent trade to Minnesota was stunning. For the Wolves, this is a fantastic add at a somewhat premium cost.

  • Grade: B

#10 – Cody Williams (Jazz)

Cody Williams has a bigger upside than many other players in this draft. While his tools are still raw, he has an undeniable athletic ability. He’ll have time to develop alongside the young Jazz, making this a solid selection for both parties.

  • Grade: B+

#12 – Nikola Topić (Thunder)

Topić was an intriguing player in this draft. He is the best passer and top-3 in talent. The problem is that Topić will miss his entire rookie year as he rehabs from an ACL injury. The Thunder didn’t let that affect Chet, and will thrive with Topić in 2025.

  • Grade: A

#14 – Carlton Carrington (Wizards)

Bub Carrington is one of the toughest prospects in this draft to pin down. He is still extremely young, but offers unique upside as one of the best ball-handlers in the class, despite his flaws. For the rebuilding Wizards, this is a solid pick and good fit.

  • Grade: B

#16 – Jared McCain (76ers)

The 76ers are hoping to have gotten their version of Jalen Brunson in Jared McCain. As a scrappy but undersized guard McCain will fight for minutes in Philadelphia’s rotation as a rookie. His defensive ability could be crucial for the 76ers in 2024-25.

  • Grade: A-

#18 – Tristan Da Silva (Magic)

Da Silva should be ready to contribute right away for Orlando at 23-years-old. The Magic are a team in need of more consistent scoring, and will likely get that from Da Silva, who shot just under 40% from beyond the arc in the last two seasons.

  • Grade: B+

#20 – Jaylon Tyson (Cavaliers)

By pick #20, especially in a weaker draft, it’s hard to fault a team for going out on a limb for the player that they like most. Conventional draft boards may not have had Tyson this high, but Cleveland clearly sees something in the young F.

  • Grade: C

#22 – DaRon Holmes II (Nuggets)

The Nuggets traded up to secure Holmes, who is one of the most exciting prospects in this class. Holmes is a perfect fit in Denver, as an already NBA-ready prospect. If they had given up less in the trade, this would have been the perfect move.

  • Grade: B

#24 – Kyshawn George (Wizards)

The Wizards concluded a stellar 1st round with a high-upside prospect in Kyshawn George. He’ll join Alex Sarr and Bub Carrington in a superbly talented and very young 2024 draft class for the Wizards. Their rebuild is already on the right path.

  • Grade: B+

#26 – Dillon Jones (Thunder)

I’m not sure what the Thunder were thinking with this selection, but Sam Presti has made very few mistakes in his tenure. I won’t be surprised in the slightest if Jones breaks out and proves people wrong. For now, this seems like a mighty reach.

  • Grade: D

#28 – Ryan Dunn (Suns)

Ryan Dunn was a late draft riser after impressing in the Combine and head-to-head competitions. His offense has been a massive concern, but he appears to be developing it daily. His defense is phenomenal and was the very best in this class.

  • Grade: A

#30 – Baylor Scheierman (Celtics)

Boston finished off the first round by taking a well-rounded player in Baylor Scheierman. With experience competing at a high level in college, Scheierman will fit in Boston like a glove. He can provide meaningful depth as a rookie next season.

  • Grade: B+