Some offshore sportsbooks will make proposition bets—or “prop bets”, for short—available for silly or unquantifiable events, but while there isn’t anything legally prohibiting sportsbooks from allowing bets on WW3, it is unlikely to happen.

As of writing, there aren’t any sportsbooks offering odds on World War 3 not least due to the morality of it but also logistical reasons to (more on that later).

We’ve seen Presidential elections become a very popular wagering event in recent years, but can the political betting industry grow even more? Is it possible to bet on World War III happening or even which country or allies would win it?

It’s obviously a very slippery slope wager to navigate, like Dr. Michael Burry betting against the housing market in the 2015 film, the Big Short. Burry’s investment skyrocketed – but only because millions of people failed to pay their mortgages and lost their homes.

Betting “No” on will there be a WW3 would be the best winning wager of All-time. At the same time “Yes” means you’ll collect, but at the likelihood of millions of people dying and countries being decimated to ruins.

But let’s lighten the mood a bit and look at some of the technical aspects of betting on a potential WW3.

Will There Be a WW3?

Only a few people across Earth can truly decide if there will be a WW3 and some of them aren’t the most stable human beings on the planet. Escalations are climbing seemingly across the globe. China is threatening the sovereignty of Taiwan, Russia has been trying to conquer Ukraine since February of 2022, and terrorist organizations could be rebuilding in the Middle East after the United States sloppy withdraw from Afghanistan.

Civil wars seem a likely precursor to a possible World War 3 as millions of people in every country have had it with governments creating tyrannical restrictions in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The ironic thing is that if the people did get control of many of these corrupt government agencies world peace would probably increase.

When Will WW3 Start?

It took the United States officially entered World War II just three days after the Japanese performed a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The War was over four years later after atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Atomic bombs ended World War 2, but there’s been a lot of technology developed by every country since 1945. Some leaders believe that a nuclear attack would start World War 3, while others believe that hurling nukes back and forth would make WW3 a fairly quick one.

There are those who believe WW3 has already started, and we will look back at current times as the first phase of destruction. Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman made billions selling stocks after predicting the pandemic way back in January of 2020, and he’s had similar feelings that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already been the precursor to WW3. The Russian Winter starting in December could completely change the scope of that conflict

WW3 Betting Odds

Most sportsbooks have backed off offering WW3 betting odds because it’s really not something a place would want to have action on. If there is a WW3, your industry – or your country – could be in shambles. Plus, how long do you give people to bet on “No”, six months before it is graded? A year? Sportsbooks have all the liability in an exotic wager like this, so it is unlikely we’ll ever see betting odds for WW3.