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  • Payouts usually within a day
  • $100,000 payout cap
  • Very low vig
What we disliked?
  • Interface outdated
  • Ties with other bookmakers

LowVig Sports is a high-performing sportsbook that offers plenty of action to players who are keen to bet on American sports and do so in a safe and professional environment. The sportsbook operates out of Panama City, Panama, and it brings more than 30 different sports disciplines.

Players will have the opportunity to follow live events round-the-clock and bet on popular sports such as basketball, football, golf, and even politics. All in all, LowVig offers fair and competitive betting odds that give players a level playing field and the opportunity to explore one of the largest selections of sports betting markets on the go from any desktop or mobile device.

And yes, there is reduced vigorish and juice, making it slightly more profitable to bet at LowVig Sportsbook. Let’s find out more in our dedicated review.

History & Background

LowVig Sportsbook is one of the longest-standing online sportsbooks. The team behind the service has been around for what is now 30 years, but LowVig Sports itself was only established in 2011.

It has been since operating out of Panama with what is now 15 years of experience with the same dedicated team. The sportsbook has been in the habit of paying big sums to bettors and has been consistent in treating sports enthusiasts fairly.

Although the company only runs an email support service, it has quickly established itself as a trustworthy and reliable company overall. As a company profile, there is nothing to suggest that LowVig Sports is anything but fully committed to bringing players the most worthwhile experiences possible.  

Why Bet at LowVig Sports

LowVig Sports offers plenty of good reasons to check it out and play. For starters, the sportsbook has a solid reputation with the community. This means that you will discover a website that is fully prepared to meet your needs when it comes to sports wagers. There is a huge variety of traditional and alternative sports, and you also get to enjoy yourself by picking a few extra events along the way.

There are more than 30 betting options in terms of markets here, including Olympics, entertainment, and political betting, which will add to the quality of the experience. In terms of actual vigorish, it’s noticeably smaller, and this will play a crucial role in your long-term betting strategy.

They stack up in the long term. The maximum payout is set at $100,000 which means that you should not have any trouble managing larger betting amounts. You always should check in with customer support if you are in doubt as to what the maximum bet per event is.

In terms of payouts, LowVig usually takes 1-3 days to process your payments, but in our experience, this is exaggerated as we have witnessed payouts processed in a matter of minutes, and often under an hour. Based on this information, you will probably find LowVig Sports to be super accommodating.  

Why You May Not Want to Play at LowVig Sports

There really is not that much to stop you from playing at LowVig Sportsbook. For the most part, the issues that we found with the website tend to be trivial, but they are still worth mentioning for you to decide if they are such.

For starters, the bookmaker seems to be on the same servers as at least one other bookmaker. We have seen outages happen simultaneously at LowVig and one other prominent bookie we won’t mention here on the off chance we are wrong.

Now, does this mean the quality of the server is actually bad? We hardly think so. There is nothing to indicate as much. It’s just it’s easier for malicious actors to attack both operators at the same time.

The other thing that you may or may not have an issue with is LowVig Sportsbook’s user interface which is indeed a bit dated. This can easily be fixed, although LowVig has become a fixture in the offshore sports betting space, and the owners may be loath to change what they essentially see as their signature look.

Betting Markets Available at LowVig Sports

Moving on. Next, we should take a look at the available LowVig sports betting markets. There is an ample selection to choose from here and it’s hard to find any fault with what is on the menu. Let’s start with the overall layout.

The UI makes it easy to figure out what action is being fed on your screen. You do have a central screen that will note down the game or sport you are about to bet on. Yet, you can use the left-hand menu to further drill down to individual sports as per your preference.

When we were reviewing the sportsbook, there was an ample selection of sports to pick from, including but not limited to baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, martial arts, politics, soccer, tennis, Aussie rules, auto racing, badminton, bowling, boxing, cricket, darts, F1, horse racing, handball, motocross, lacrosse, snooker, Rugby League, wrestling and table tennis.

A quick look through the markets suggests that LowVig is definitely not hesitant about introducing sports fans to some mainstream and niche sports, letting you leverage your knowledge of the world of sports to your ultimate benefit. This is not all, of course.

LowVig also has many cool features and markets to explore, such as the Olympics (provided it’s the year of the games), entertainment, financials, and politics. You can even benefit from the same game parlays, which is a great way to fully exhaust your knowledge of a particular game or sport and put it to good use.

The main bets you will be placing are moneyline, totals, and spreads, with special wagers for some more specific sports such as baseball, golf, and hockey. There is a huge variety of extra markets to explore as well, including game props and futures.

Now, for futures, LowVig has made sure to cover an extensive selection of markets. You can virtually bet on the next Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, almost immediately after the current events wrap up. LowVig makes sure to price the odds very quickly, which is why many players love to hang around and place a bet very early on.

Many do so on the underdogs as the odds are usually much better early. As to the props, what props bets you get will depend on LowVig. Usually, there is a massive selection of American sports props, such as for the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and so on. Yet, at times of big soccer competitions, you can expect these to have been covered as well.

Inplay and Live Betting

What about the live betting markets available at LowVig, then? Well, there is definitely no shortage of these to speak of. Players will be prompted to click on “Live Betting” and discover all that is being offered to them in the in-play section.

There are multiple options to explore here indeed. You can quickly check out today’s events, and then further dig into event details, multi-event, calendar, and my wagers, as well as rules.

This part of the website is comprehensive and makes it super-easy to follow through and be in control of the live wagers as they happen. Other than the quality of the odds for the in-play competitions, the software that manages the action is flawless, providing players with fast and easy action across the board.

LowVig Sports User Interface & UX

LowVig Sports has a great user interface that empowers players to navigate the entire website and access its full range of services without any particular challenge. Although the UI may appear a little dated or old-fashioned, in terms of functionality – it’s robust and responsive.

There is never too much information going on the screen, which makes it super easy to benefit from the website’s full range of options and navigate to the specific betting markets you are the most interested in.

The left-hand side features a full and comprehensive betting menu that will provide you with an exhaustive list of all sports, and the submenus will keep adding new information to your screen only if you choose to. Overall, we found the UX at LowVig to be on point.

LowVig Sports Bonuses and Promotions

So, what about the available LowVig Sports bonuses and promotions? LowVig focuses on providing you with reduced vig on multiple events and will try to have better-priced odds than flashy promotions. We can live with that, as it shows that the website is focusing its efforts where it matters – on the betting action itself.

The main thing here is the reduced vigorish, which LowVig is really proud of, giving you that slight edge that will stack up the more you play at the sportsbook. As things stand, there are no other promotional offers to speak of, but we are very happy with what we see.

LowVig Sports Sportsbook on Mobile  

LowVig Sportsbook has been a dedicated all-rounder when it comes to offering desktop and mobile markets and options. Although there are no mobile apps to speak of, you will find the website to run very smoothly on any handheld device. Optimized for HTML5 betting, you will find the mobile and on-the-go experience to be fantastic.

Can You Trust LowVig Sports Sportsbook?

You can absolutely trust LowVig Sportsbook. Players will find the sportsbook to be super accommodating. The first markets of trust have to do with the fact that the offer is encrypted and that the casino runs smoothly. Yet, check out any forum thread on LowVig and its reputation and you will notice that the opinions are overwhelmingly positive, which is super rare for any offshore sportsbook.

LowVig Sports just cuts a sort of a father figure in the community, honoring payouts in minutes and offering super flexible total betting amounts. All in all, LowVig Sportsbook creates the opportunity for players to enjoy themselves across the board and give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself across the board in a safe and trusted online betting environment.

LowVig Sports Banking

What about the banking you may ask? Well, as we noted earlier in our LowVig Sports review, the processing times are actually incredibly fast. Although the average time for the website is listed at 1-3 days, the cashouts happen so much quicker. There is an even split between crypto and traditional payment methods.

Right now, you can use Bitcoin, Avalanche, Binance, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polygon, Ripple, Shiba Inu, Solana, Stellar, Tether, Tron, USD Coin, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover, Person to Person, Wire Transfer, Money Order, and Cashiers Check to settle deposits.

The maximum amount you can deposit is $100,000 using crypto, and it’s usually processed within 5 minutes. For withdrawals, there is a huge array of options to pick from here as well. For example, you can cash out up to $100,000 using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Other cryptocurrencies are also available to cash out with, but they will run somewhat lower overall cash-out limits. USD Coin also allows $100,000 in withdrawals. Most of the cashouts will happen within minutes, although some could take up to 48 hours for the casino to clear.

The traditional withdrawal methods, such as Wire Transfer, Person to Person, Money Order, and Check by Courier all have some restrictions, they will charge you different fees, and might take as long as 15 business days to actually get to you! 

Wagering Limits at LowVig Sports

Right, LowVig is a truly amazing sportsbook and it shows just how much here. The wagering limits per individual bet range from $1 to $5,000, and you can win up to $100,000. The higher limits are actually open to negotiation with the sportsbook. This means that you can reach out via live chat and see if they will be willing to help you out.

They usually are. Hence the “A” ratings LowVig Sportsbook has elicited from so many respected and independent customer and professional reviews. The fact that you can move that much money at once is frankly – incredible.

What’s more, the maximum payout you can claim every single day is $150,000 – higher than the max bet payout, so if you win multiple bets on the same day, and that amount exceeds the six-figure threshold, you can still cash out the bulk of it.

Customer Support

Now, customer support may be perceived as a bit of a weakness here, but it’s just the way LowVig Sports has chosen to run its business. You don’t get a live chat or phone support, and this is fine. You will instead have an email to work with. This will provide you with a good way of communication and also allow you the time and opportunity to explain your query to the support, who have been hailed as knowledgeable, helpful, and always on-point.

How to Sign Up at LowVig Sports

To sign up for LowVig Sports, all you need to do is follow the process which is a few steps only and will make it very easy to enjoy yourself. Right, so what about it? You will be prompted to join the sportsbook and then provide a few details about yourself.

This includes your legal name, address, and residence. These details are very important. Later on, the sportsbook will run an AML and KYC check that needs to be matched with the data you provide at registration or you risk forfeiting your winnings.

This is a very unlikely scenario as LowVig does understand that honest mistake happens. However, from experience, we strongly recommend you carefully check the information you provide to the sportsbook before registering.


 So, what do we think of LowVig in conclusion? This sportsbook is truly awesome. The fact that the community has thrown its weight behind the brand so firmly shows that the commitment demonstrated to players is huge. The lower vigorish is massive if you are a long-term bettor, and if you are looking to high roll and win six figures without worrying about their payout, you have come to the right place!

LowVig is a bit short on bonuses, but nobody needs bonuses when you get reduced juice on virtually the majority of events worth betting on. This and the fact there are tons of alternative options for you to explore will show you that the brand is easily one of America’s favorite offshore sports betting sites.