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Heritage Sports

  • One of the safest bookies
  • Fair odds and markets
  • Good mobile experience
What we disliked?
  • UI should be more intuitive
  • Lack of banking methods

Heritage Sports is one of the longest-standing sportsbooks in the online betting market. Launched in 2001, the website has become synonymous with the best markets, odds, and events. Sports fans from all over the world can set up an account with Heritage Sportsbook and bet on the sports they like best.

Equipped with an awesome welcome bonus for new players, reload options, and so much more, Heritage Sports makes sure that you are having the time of your life from start to finish. Operating out of Costa Rica, this is one of the best sportsbooks you will find anywhere offshore.

History & Background

Heritage Sports is an institution in sports betting, as it has more than 30 years in business. The sportsbook was originally launched in 1994 and was operating right when sportsbooks were beginning online. In 2001, Heritage Sports made the leap from a land-based operator to an online sportsbook, achieving overnight success.

The operator had time to learn from competitors and ensured that its offer features fairly priced odds, as well as accommodating gameplay for both professional and casual bettors. The company has an untarnished reputation, making it one of the most reliable mobile and desktop sports betting operators on the market that you can access from virtually anywhere in the world.

Why Bet at Heritage Sports

Heritage Sportsbook has been consistently fair in payouts and its treatment of players. The fact that the sportsbook has been around for three decades certainly helps as the test of time often proves trick. Interestingly, though, Heritage Sports has been able to not get complaints from players and has been known for delivering payouts in the designated processing windows.

The company has been able to avoid negative reviews and publicity but has an open, player-focused approach to the industry, and it has left most of the dispute resolution to third-party mediation services, further establishing its reputation as a trustworthy and committed sportsbook.

The Costa Rica licensure and place of operation is not in itself a badge of honor, but it shows that the sportsbook did not seek to change its residence of headquarters in 30 years, indicating that it has a staying power and no need to. Heritage Sports also scores very high on overall customer satisfaction, with most of the feedback the bookmaker receives being positive to moderate.

Why You May Not Want to Play at Heritage Sports

There are very few reasons if any why you may consider playing somewhere else when you start at Heritage Sports. The promotions are spot-on and the banking service is designed to provide you with timely deposits and cashouts. Even then, there may be one small thing, as the sportsbook is slightly better optimized for professional sports bettors.

This is a really small distinction and it’s not necessarily always experienced by all people who register and play here. There is little else in the way of drawbacks to mention. Perhaps, the main carp you may hear from players is that the Costa Rica license is more about a place of business rather than a strict regulatory norm.

This may be true, but Heritage Sports has already stood the test of time to put such qualms aside.

Betting Markets Available at Heritage Sports

To maintain its respectable status in online sports betting, Heritage Sports has had to ensure that it has plenty to offer when it comes to sports betting market variety, the type of wagers you can bet on, as well as the value of the odds. All three boxes have been ticked to ensure that you get access to an outstanding game overall.

Heritage Sports runs a huge selection of sports to cover, starting with all the usual suspects, such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, golf, MMA, cricket, soccer, MLS, and so much more. The sportsbooks make sure that you can bet on NCAAF and NCAAB contests, and that you can also dive into some of the more niche options, such as tennis and snooker, table tennis, and more.

There are other cool betting competitions to bet on, including non-sports events, such as the weather, politics, and entertainment. This opens up a realm of possibilities where you are leveraging your knowledge to get a big payday from the operator.

Besides this, there are some electronic sports – or esports as they are more snappily known – to add a little more variety. The betting opportunities here abound with games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty, and Valorant all available to bet on.

Types of Bets at Heritage Sports

As you can expect, Heritage Sports has plenty to offer you when it comes to sports betting variety. The types of bets are one of the sportsbook’s standout features. You will be able to bet on virtually every type of wager here.

This includes moneyline, spreads, totals, and special sports-specific wagers. There are in-play and props betting, which will cover hundreds of possibilities per single game, making it somewhat overwhelming to a new player to know what to choose.

You can build accumulator bets using the Bet Builder tool which allows you to take care and track your wagers at Heritage Sportsbook in real time, whether you are running future, pre-game, or in-play market wagers.

Not only that, but you can keep pushing the limits of what is possible at the bookmaker as you may scoop up wins of up to $100,000, making Heritage Sportsbook one of the best places to be as a casual and professional bettor. High rollers have been flocking to the bookie for this specific reason alone.

Other types of betting markets include the likes of odds boosts and enhanced markets that you can pick as they become available and if you want to. The props betting is usually the most interesting one for players, as it allows you to push your knowledge of a sport to the limits, and get a solid payday if you are successful.

Oh, and the Bet Builder will allow you to quickly personalize your game and choose from markets, sports, and events, that you prefer, allowing you to manage the informational inflow at the sportsbook.

Inplay and Live Betting

Heritage Sports has a huge selection of in-play betting markets, which makes it an exciting and interesting sportsbook to explore. There are a lot of options to bet on sporting events in real-time, which usually involves both minor and major sports leagues and competitions.

The experience is further made accessible by user-friendly visualizations and live stats that allow you to make decisions on the spot and choose what games you want to bet on. The in-play sports are not limited to one or two competitions, and you can find ongoing markets for the NFL just like you could for volleyball and rugby, for example.

HeritageSports makes it easy for customers to explore the sportsbook and dabble in live betting events at their leisure. The information is updated instantly, allowing you to always operate with up-to-date knowledge of each contest you are betting on.

The odds are updated swiftly to reflect what is happening on the pitch or field, making it super easy to always stay on top of your in-play experience. Apart from the timeliness of the experience, players will also benefit from a detailed breakdown of what is happening in a game.

The only drawback that we could identify here is that there are no live streams to complement the in-play experience, but you can often supplement that yourself.

Future & Props Betting Up Close

HeritageSports has made sure that it offers players a great selection of betting types you can freely dabble into. We have already touched on the props bets available at the casino, but it’s still worth mentioning that the extensiveness of the actual markets can be a little surprising.

There could be dozens if not hundreds of extra options to explore on each game thanks to the well-developed player props system that you will enjoy when you first register and start playing at HeritageSports. The odds for the prop selections are actually pretty neat, and you will find that prop bets are one of the best ways to try and score a big payday.

One small complaint we have about the prop section is that there are no specific bonuses that are tailored to this type of wagering. We can look past this given how competitive the odds are, but wouldn’t have minded seeing a few promos as well.

Then, you have the future bets. We have tested the odds for future bets at Heritage Sportsbook against similar platforms and found out that the bookie offers among the most competitive fixtures on the market, giving you the chance to bet on an event early on and get a decent payday in the case of being right.

The better news still is that neither props nor future bets are limited to only the major events. Not at all, as you will find them readily available for niche sports such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and esports. There are a lot of options to take advantage of and explore, making HeritageSports a great place to bet on the outcome of future or prop bets.

Heritage Sports User Interface & UX

Essentially, we play-tested Heritage Sports extensively to ensure that certain features work as intended and allow you to make the most out of the experience.

The first thing we looked into was responsiveness – how quickly the desktop and mobile platforms allow us to change between separate sections, access site features, or open the Bet Builder, for one. Our test indicated nothing but Heritage Sports being a well-thought-out platform that makes it very easy to navigate and get to the specific features you are the most interested in.

We were happy to discover, over the years of coming back to the sportsbook, that it has been consistently and frequently updating the visuals with ever-so-slight performance and visual-enhancing solutions.

The platform holds equally nice on desktop as it does on iPhone and Android devices, and it focuses on making the experience straightforward by featuring American odds as its primary way of displaying market values.

The quality of the platform is further improved by the opportunity to display different slates of information when and if you need them, and also chisel down the available data by implementing filters or relying on the search function instead if you are specifically looking into a single option.

Speed and responsiveness are similarly important to the player experience, and we are happy to say that on this front, HeritageSports delivers as well. Now, there are a few small details that we would have liked to have available. For example, we wouldn’t have minded the search to let us save some pre-configured filters, but it’s still a powerful tool.

Heritage Sports Bonuses and Promotions

Heritage Sports provides several well-intended bonuses and promotions to make sure that you are getting the best possible experience. There is a sign-up offer along with multiple recurring options to explore. We break them down below.

25% Cash Bonus

The 25% cash bonus is very quick to pick. It applies to the sportsbook and features a 25% deposit match bonus up to $500 with a 12x rollover requirement. The bonus is only available to users in the United States, so keep this in mind. There is not much to this bonus besides this, which makes it easy to pick, understand, and use.

Ongoing Promotions

Not least, players will discover a selection of ongoing promotions at Heritage Sports. The 10% cash bonus and 8th Deposit for Free bonus are particularly cool and can add up to $500 and $5,000 to your bankroll respectively. They are also subject to a 5x and 8x wagering requirement respectively.

One of the other cool features of the sportsbook is the availability of the VIP and Loyalty Program. The more you play, and the more you stick around, the more perks you will begin to unlock. Notably, you will have access to reduced vigorish which will add even more value to every bet you place on the platform.

Heritage Sports on Mobile  

As we have extensively spoken about the UI & UX before, Heritage Sports makes sure that you have access to the best desktop and mobile experience, regardless of what device you choose to use. As to the broader mobile experience on Heritage Sportsbook, we are happy with what we are being offered.

One small carp is that for whatever reason searching on mobile can sometimes get a bit tricky. It has to do with the particular way the search box is rendered on mobile, but we can’t say that this is a deal breaker for us, especially when other core functionalities such as banking, customer support, and the Bet Builder proved to work flawlessly after extensive testing and our purposeful attempts to break them.

As a result, we are content with what we have been able to achieve here, stress-testing Heritage Sports’ mobile platform to arrive at the same conclusion as others – the bookmaker holds up excellently on mobile platforms.

Can You Trust Heritage Sports Sportsbook?

An excellent question. Can you indeed trust Heritage Sportsbook? The short answer is yes. This does not mean that there is no real possibility of you getting into a dispute with the sportsbook, but statistically, this is very unlikely.

Even if you do butt heads with Heritage Sports, you will immediately notice that the matter is referred to third-party adjudication services, which is a nice touch. In essence, you don’t have to worry about the sportsbook showing any bias towards you.

All in all, Heritage Sports has more than 30 years of experience in the business, it comes with a robust reputation, and a clear commitment to doing the right thing.

Heritage Sports Banking

When it comes to banking, Heritage Sports makes sure that it stands out. The main focus here is on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the focus of all transactions, but make no mistake – you can pick from other payment options as well. Bitcoin banking does come with a few perks, such as more efficient processing times, and quicker delivery.

Regardless, Heritage Sportsbook will always note down the exact transaction times, maximum amounts, and anything else that concerns your banking experience. The payment methods you may use include Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, Cardano, Doge, Solana, Tron, Litecoin, Tether, and Bitcoin Cash.

When it comes to withdrawals, you may use Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire, and Person-to-Person. The maximum single transaction is unlimited. You can cash out as much as you like with Bank Wire, but the minimum cash-out value is $10,000.

Bitcoin allows you to cash out anything between $10 and $3,000 and charges no fees. Bank Wire, for example, will ask for a $75 fee so it makes sense to use it only when you are moving large amounts. Your balance is always displayed in US dollars, even if you deposit in Bitcoin. There are no fees for currency conversions, though, so you don’t have to worry about losing some funds in the process.

Wagering Limits at Heritage Sports

Wagering limits are an exciting topic no matter how inclined you are to bet big or keep it casual. What we can tell you for a fact is that Heritage Sports currently offers a $100,000 maximum payout, and it doesn’t really limit how much you can bet per single event, although at some point there will be diminishing returns if you wager too much and exceed the theoretical $100,000-threshold.

Customer Support

Customer support at HeritageSports is designed to put you, the player front and center. Players will find themselves always able to access the customer care agents and get the help they need. There are self-help resources as well as a dedicated email line at customersupport@heritagesports.eu.

The customer support, however, is limited from 8 am to 8 pm CST, which is one clear drawback that many players do note. The good news is that because of these “limited hours” you can expect a swift turnaround in working hours, which ultimately resolves any issue you may have with the sportsbook promptly.

We understand that there may be a sense of inconvenience, but even 24/7 customer support services tend to have slow times of processing queries. HeritageSports has been able to make sure that it processes all complaints or questions within a 24-hour window, which is a great plus.

How to Sign Up at Heritage Sports

Up next, we have how the registration process works at Heritage Sportsbook. As you can imagine, this is clear-cut and easy. Players will have the opportunity to set up their accounts in only a few minutes. The important thing to remember here is to always provide the bookmaker with truthful information.

This way, you will not run into any issues later on, when you need to undergo a verification process, which is an important part of the overall experience. Players are encouraged to provide truthful information to the sportsbook to avoid future incidents or misunderstandings.


The bottom line, Heritage Sportsbook is an outstanding operator that will bring you great value when you are looking to play yourself. The odds are fantastic, the commitment to quick payments is refreshing, and you can certainly expect to benefit in many ways from your time spent with Heritage Sports. Whether you are looking for a flexible bookmaker with fantastic odds, a quick payout, or even the potential to win as much as $100,000 off a single wager, you have come to the right place!