Best Michigan Offshore Sportsbooks

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best michigan offshore sportsbooks

Sports betting in Michigan is now fully legal. Some players know this, but many don’t. This is mainly because sports betting became legal only recently, in December 2019.

Due to this, the market still hasn’t seen enough expansion. There are only a couple of online sportsbooks working in the state, so you will still have to join offshore bookies to get the best sports betting experience.

For that reason, in this piece, players can learn all about these offshore sports betting sites, including what bets they can place, the events to bet on, and more. Most of all, every Michigan gambler can learn what the very best Michigan offshore betting sites are.

Here are our top online sports betting sites for US players in Michigan:

Top 5 Michigan Online Sports Betting Sites



4.9 / 5.0
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  • Bonus codes for every major event
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Yes, as stated in the beginning, it is now fully legal to wager on sports. The state passed the Lawful Sports Betting Act on Dec 20, 2019. This act effectively made all forms of sports betting legal in the state, including online sports betting.

However, the problem is that there are still only a handful of sites registered in the state. As the law is still very fresh, most major sportsbooks haven’t had enough time to apply for licenses and get their sites ready for the Michigan sports betting market.

For that reason, most players still use offshore bookies, which are entirely legal. Even before the law was introduced, Michigan players were placing sports wagers on these sites without repercussions. This means every player can freely join any of the sports betting sites recommended in this article.

Why Are Offshore Sports Betting Sites Better?

Even though both in-state and offshore online bookies are available in Michigan, offshore sportsbooks are still the better choice for a few important reasons:

  • The welcome bonuses are typically larger.
  • Players have more privacy and anonymity when placing wagers.
  • There are a lot more offshore sportsbooks than in-state ones.
  • They have a vast selection of payment options for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • There are more sports gambling features like live betting.

Types of Bets Players Can Place in Offshore Bookmakers

Offshore online bookies have a wide range of betting markets and all kinds of wagers available. Each site has a collection of its own, but the general rule is that the larger and more popular the site is, the more types of bets players can place.

Here are some of the most popular wagers on offshore Michigan sports betting sites:

  • Moneyline — This is the most popular sports wager in the world as it only requires players to predict the winner of a match or game.
  • Point spread — This bet favors a team in a particular match by a specific number of points. This effectively evens the playing field between a clear favorite and an underdog. This is one of the most popular sports wagers as it allows players to bet on both teams with equal odds.
  • Totals — This bet requires players to wager on the total number of points in a game being above or below a number given by the sportsbook.
  • Parlay — This bet consists of two or more bets. Players can effectively combine more bets into one to potentially win more as the odds are multiplied. However, the risk is also higher as all predictions have to be correct to pass the parlay.
  • Futures — This is a term used to describe all wagers whose outcomes will be determined in the relatively far future. For example, betting on the winner of a competition before it begins is a typical futures bet.
  • Prop bet — Prop or proposition bets allow players to bet on specific things like which player will score a touchdown. These bets come in many forms, and it always depends on what the sportsbook wants to introduce.

It’s worth mentioning that numerous live betting options are available in offshore sportsbooks, so players from Michigan can bet live as long as there is a popular game going on at the moment.

Players in Michigan can bet on every popular sport in offshore sportsbooks. These sites have made sure to cover all major sports and competitions, including smaller ones that are generally not available.

The NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA college football and basketball are the most popular competitions. However, players can also bet on golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, volleyball, and many other sports.

Michigan Sporting Events You Can Bet on

There are numerous sports events Michigan players can bet on all year round. Of course, the most popular ones are matches in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA, including their respective playoffs and cups.

What’s more, Michigan has teams in all four North American sports leagues, so there is always someone to bet on if you are a fan of your local teams.

However, if that’s not enough, players can always bet on sports events that are not typically followed in the state, namely international events in other sports like soccer and tennis.

With all of this, players from Michigan have more than enough events to bet on all year long, and most of them are available on the best sports betting sites in Michigan.


Is it legal to wager on offshore sportsbooks from Michigan?

Sports betting is now legal in Michigan, but you can still safely join offshore sports betting sites as the law doesn’t cover them, nor do the authorities prosecute players for using them.

What are offshore sportsbooks?

Offshore sportsbooks are sports betting sites registered in countries outside of the US. These are valid and legal betting sites, but they do not hold licenses from the state of Michigan.

Are offshore sportsbooks safe?

They are, as long as you join safe and reputable sportsbooks like the ones recommended in this piece. The online bookie must have a valid license and a good reputation online for you to use it safely.

What are the best sportsbooks for players from the US?

The best sportsbooks for US players are usually the biggest players in the game, like BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, and others.

Are my payment details secure with offshore sportsbooks?

Yes, they are. As long as the site itself is legitimate and safe, there is no reason to worry. The best offshore sports betting sites use state-of-the-art security measures, so third parties can’t steal your data or money.