Best Indiana Offshore Sportsbooks

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best indiana offshore sportsbooks

Among all US states that allow online sports betting, Indiana seems to be the one that understands players’ needs best.

In 2019, the Hoosier State became a part of the pro-betting club after it passed legislation to legalize the activity. As sports betting was launched just before the 2019–2020 NFL season, the governing bodies in charge of online sports betting in Indiana realized how much the state could capitalize on web-based sports wagers.

What’s more, apart from allowing sports betting on sites based within the state, Indiana also decided not to criminalize betting on offshore sites. Therefore, players from Indiana are free to roam around the web and place sports bets on any site they find appealing.

Here are our top online sports betting sites for US players in Indiana:

Top Indiana Online Sports Betting Sites



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Indiana is one of those states that has nothing against offshore sportsbooks and doesn’t prohibit its residents from visiting them. Although players from Indiana now have many state-based options at their disposal when it comes to sports betting, visiting offshore betting sites isn’t against any laws.

More importantly, the governing bodies of the Hoosier State have taken no legal action against players who place wagers on offshore betting sites so far and have no intention of doing so in the future.

Why Are Offshore Sports Betting Sites Better?

Even though online sports betting is perfectly legal in the state, players from Indiana seem to like offshore sites better. Of course, there are many reasons for this, and the most important ones are listed below:

  • Offshore sports betting sites offer massive welcome bonuses for new players, as well as other whopping promotions for the clients who come back regularly.
  • US players can place bets anonymously and enjoy complete privacy on safe offshore betting platforms.
  • The list of reputable offshore betting sites is significantly longer.
  • There are many different payment methods to be used for deposits and withdrawals.
  • These sites offer extra betting features like live streaming, in-play betting, and more.

Different Types of Bets You Can Make

Offshore sports betting sites allow players to come up with a winning betting slip using various types of wagers. This is very important, as it allows players flexibility when betting on matches where the outcome is not so easy to predict.

Here’s a list of some useful bet types you can find on Indiana sports betting sites:

  • Moneyline — This is the easiest bet to place, as players only need to guess the winner of a match correctly. If you’re a beginner, this is an ideal bet to start with.
  • Totals — For this bet, you’ll have to predict whether the final score will be over or under a margin set by the bookie.
  • Point spread — Point spread bets were created to even out the chances between a favorite and an underdog. Here, you’ll need to place a bet on one of the teams winning by a certain number of goals or points.
  • Props — Proposition bets, also referred to as props, give players an opportunity to be creative and place specific bets. For example, you can predict which player will score the most soccer goals or football touchdowns. This bet is particularly interesting when betting on live matches.
  • Futures — This is one of the more difficult bets to place, as it includes wagering on a match long before it’ll occur, like betting on the winner of the entire championship, for example.
  • Parlay — Parlay bets allow players to put two or more matches on their betting slips and increase their potential winnings. However, in order to win, all the predictions from the slip must come true.

Also, don’t forget that the live betting option can be found on the majority of offshore betting sites that accept Indiana players.

Players from Indiana are welcome to place bets on any sport they are interested in, as long as it’s offered on their chosen offshore betting site. All the major sports betting operators offer an extensive list of available sports, including both world-known events and those competitions that are not so popular.

Still, there are several betting markets favored by Indiana bettors. Those are the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. Also, Indiana residents like wagering on the NCAA football and basketball matches. Apart from these competitions, which are generally popular across the US, Indiana players also enjoy betting on famous soccer, tennis, golf, and rugby competitions, to mention but a few.

Different Indiana Events You Can Bet on

Sports betting fans from Indiana have many betting opportunities when it comes to major sports. If you want to back the local team, go for the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) or the Indiana Pacers (NBA). There are also 10 Division I NCAA programs, where you’ll be able to support teams like the Hoosiers and many others.

Aside from these events, you’re welcome to bet on any active game and back particular teams or players in both college and professional leagues worldwide.


Is it legal to wager on offshore sportsbooks from Indiana?

Even though there are many state-based sportsbooks available online, Indiana online gaming laws don’t prohibit players from wagering on offshore betting sites. In other words, you won’t be prosecuted for placing bets in sportsbooks outside Indiana’s borders.


Offshore sportsbooks are international sports betting sites that offer their services to sports bettors across the globe. They are based in countries outside the US, and they can operate legally as long as they hold a license from any reputable online gaming jurisdiction.

Are offshore sportsbooks safe?

As long as an online sportsbook holds a valid iGaming license from a respected online gaming jurisdiction and uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect players’ sensitive information, it can be considered safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are still some online sportsbooks that don’t follow these rules, but if you stick to the well-known betting sites, you shouldn’t experience any issues in this regard.

What are the best sportsbooks for players from the US?

A sportsbook that offers Indiana sports betting app should be a good choice. To stay on the safe side, go for some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, such as BetRivers, DraftKings, FanDuel, and others.


Offshore online sportsbooks use advanced cyber-protection to secure your sensitive information and transaction details. In most cases, these sites use cutting-edge SSL encryption, the latest firewall technology, and various verification and authentication processes. If you choose an online bookie with all these protective measures in place, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your private data.