The MLB season continues to progress as the summer beats on. The New York Yankees (47-21) have again emerged as one of the MLB’s best teams. They’ll take on the surprisingly scrappy Kansas City Royals (39-28).

Before Betting on Yankees vs Royals

The Yankees took over the #1 spot in Major League Baseball based on record, finally pulling a half of a game ahead of the Phillies, who held it previously. New York is no stranger to regular season success, but has struggled to translate that into postseason wins over the past decade. Pitching has often been the issue for the Yankees, but this season their rotation owns of the MLB’s best set of ERAs, even without ace Gerrit Cole. If New York keeps up this level of play, they could enter October as World Series favorites.

Kansas City has been one of the biggest surprises this season so far. They started the year 34-19, rising to the top of the American League. Unfortunately, the Royals have cooled off a bit since then, going 5-9 in the 14 games since their hot start. A significant increase in schedule difficulty has been the main culprit, but Kansas City has also seen their offense come back to earth and perform at more expected levels. This series against the Yankees is a key test to see if the Royals are really contenders this season.

Yankees vs Royals Offshore Odds

Game ResultOdds
Yankees win-145
Royals win+120

The Yankees won the first game in this 4-game series, but will continue to face tough opposition against the Royals on the road. Their offense and defense will both be tested in this series, with the bullpen playing an especially important role. It’s unlikely the Yankees sweep the series, but they could certainly win 3 out of 4 games. A 2-2 split is even more likely, as long as Kansas City is able to get themselves back on track.