Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have blown up the headlines over the past few weeks. That’s why we revealed some odds regarding their “relationship.” 

Before Betting on Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Specials

We are pretty sure that there isn’t a more popular couple in the world right now than Kelce & Taylor. The way the internet exploded because of Taylor’s appearance at the game against the Bears was unseen in years. The hype went through the roof when she came to the MetLife Stadium against the Jets, with all the media reporting about that, not the game itself.

Kelce and Swift met for the first time after her concert at the Arrowhead Stadium during the singer’s “Era’s Tour” this summer. Everyone is talking about their future, and here we have some pretty interesting odds considering the same. 

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Offshore Betting Odds

First Lip to Lip Public Kiss: End of October 2023

The speculations state that the two are already in a relationship, but they want to keep it private. At some point, that’s not going to be possible, and everybody tries to guess when that moment will happen. 

First Lip Kiss Before/After October 1Odds

Swift Song Mentions Kelce/Chiefs/Football in 2023/24

Will Taylor mention anything connected with Kelce’s professional career or his name in this season? You have odds for this here as well. 


Kelce & Swift Still to Be a Couple on Week 1 2024

The relationship wasn’t properly revealed, and some discuss its end. The critical point is the opening game of the next season.


Swift in the Crowd at the 2024 Super Bows if the Chiefs Play

Kansas City is one of the biggest favorites for winning the Super Bowl, and their chances to reach the title game are big. If they manage to cruise past all the challenges in the AFC, will Taylor come to see Kelce play?