World Cup 2022

Ecuador vs Senegal World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick

There will be a very interesting fixture to bring Group A to a close on Tuesday, as Senegal and Ecuador clash for a place in the next round. Both nations will need a result in their final fixture to reach the round of 16. However, the advantage coming into the showdown rests with Ecuador, who […]

Portugal vs Uruguay World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick

Portugal will be looking for a second straight victory at the World Cup on Monday, as they take on Uruguay. It will be rematch between the nations that played in the round of 16 four years ago, and Uruguay will be looking for a similar outcome.  Before Betting On Portugal vs Uruguay Portugal could certainly […]

Brazil vs Switzerland World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick

Brazil has long been the favourites to win the 2022 World Cup, and they looked in excellent form in their opening fixture. However, they will come up against a more competitive rival in their second game in Group G, as they will clash with Switzerland. Before Betting On Brazil vs Switzerland It has been a […]

England vs. Wales World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick (Nov 29)

England and Wales meet in the last round of Group B. These two countries have a massive rivalry in all sports, but soccer is beyond any other.  Before Betting on Wales vs. England The Dragons are on a mission impossible, having to beat England by a several-goal margin to be in the combination for the […]

Iran vs. USA World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick (Nov 29)

Iran and the United States will decide who goes to the knockout stage from Group B. Whoever wins here takes the main prize, but Iran finds itself in a favorable position because a draw suits them as well.  Before Betting on Iran vs. USA  Iran’s bad luck against England was a marveouls intro for Friday’s […]

Argentina vs. Mexico World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick (Nov 26)

Argentina is back against the wall, and the Gauchos need to win to stay in contention for the knockout stage. Mexico has one point, but they, too, aren’t in a much better place.  Before Betting on Argentina vs. Mexico The Argentinians suffered one of the most shocking defeats in World Cup history. A 1-2 loss […]

Belgium vs Canada World Cup 2022 Offshore Odds & Pick

There will be an historic moment for the Canadian National Team on Wednesday evening, as they step back onto the grandest stage for the first time since 1986. However, they will face a daunting challenge, as they come up against the side that finished third at the previous World Cup- Belgium. Before Betting On Belgium […]