Kamala Harris

Did Hur’s Report on Biden Hurt President’s 2024 Election Odds?

Last week’s negative reports on President Joe Biden’s mental fitness that emerged following his slips in keeping classified documents drew plenty of attention. The Democrats are rallying behind President Biden, while the Republicans are accusing the incumbent President that he isn’t fit to be the White House chief anymore.  Hur’s Statement About Biden’s “Poor Memory” […]

Democrat Nominee for the US Vice President Offshore Betting Odds

Besides the Presidential campaign, many are asking who will fill in the spot of the US Vice President, another significant place in American diplomacy.  Before Betting on Democrat Nominee for Vice President For the past three years, the United States Vice President has been Kamala Harris, who serves under Joe Biden’s presidency. President Biden was […]

2024 US Presidential Elections Props

The 2024 US Presidential Elections are around the corner, and here are some interesting prop bets for the same. Before betting on the 2024 US Presidential Elections The campaign is slowly beginning to emerge among both the Democrats and the Republicans, with various candidates stepping up and testing the public. For the moment, Joe Biden […]