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2024 College Football National Championship Offshore Betting Odds

With a few days away from the start of college football, we have the latest odds on the next winner of the CFP trophy. provides the best offshore odds on the market, so stay tuned and see their offer. Before Betting on 2024 CFP National Championship Winners This format of the knockout invitational tournament […]

College Football News and Notes: Clemson Falls Despite Win

After having a couple of days to reflect on another wild and unpredictable weekend in college football, it’s now time to look at the fall out of everything that happened. Let’s take a look back at this past week and glance ahead to next week. Another Drop For the third time in four weeks, Clemson […]

College Football News and Notes: Changes In The Poll

The past college football weekend had so much action and excitement that anyone watching probably needed a couple of days to recover. Now that we’ve had some time to digest it all, we can start looking at what’s changed and what lies ahead this weekend. Poll Shakeup After several notable games involving top-25 teams this […]

College Football News and Notes: Tide Back To No. 1

We’ve all had a couple of days to let the college football weekend marinate, so now it’s time to look at the fallout. Here are some of the stories you need to know about since the games wrapped up Saturday night with an eye toward next week’s action. Leapfrog One close call was all it […]

College Football News and Notes: No. 1 Survives

To be fair, this wasn’t the most exciting college football weekend, but even an average college football weekend is more exciting than a great day in most other sports. Let’s recap all of the important events of Saturday. Close Call All of the talk of Clemson breezing through the ACC season without trouble may have […]