State Bill 206 will change the NCAA forever and it seems like there is little they can do to stop it once the bill has been signed.

SB 206 Will Change NCAA Forever

Once SB 206 goes into effect, it will be hard to imagine what things were like before. The reason for that is that the current model the NCAA uses to conduct its business hasn’t made sense to anyone for a very long time. It was one thing when college sports were just about the spirit of competition. Once schools, coaches shoe companies and everyone else started making money other than the athletes, there was an obvious problem. Obvious to everyone except the NCAA apparently.

SB 206 is here to change all of that and the way the NCAA chooses to react to this will be very interesting. The language in the bill is quite clear. They can’t forbid a student or a University from competing to due compensation earned from their image or likeness. That hasn’t stopped the NCAA from making subtle threats anyway.

Nancy Skinner Proposed the Historic Bill

State Senator Nancy Skinner of California is the person who proposed SB 206. This “Fair Pay to Play Act” which is what the bill is being called was unanimously voted for in the California state assembly. When you see a bill like this get a unanimous vote, it makes it even more clear how out of touch the NCAA is. They do not seem to be backing down although this bill looks like it’s inevitable.

The NCAA’s subtle threats to cut ties with schools in California isn’t realistic. There are too many schools with powerful alumni in one of the most populous states in the country. On top of that, all of those schools have huge financial power. The NCAA insists that it is working on it’s own model but what is taking so long? SB 206 appears to be good for everyone except the NCAA and the public has grown tired of their excuses.

They’ve even got so desperate that they wrote a letter urging California Governor Gary Newsom not to sign the bill. That’s the most obvious signal to the rest of the world that these guys just don’t get it. How would Newsome look not signing a bill that was voted on unanimously in favor of?

What Happens if Other States Follow

This law would go into to effect in January 2023 but the NCAA has a more pressing issue. If other states decide to follow California’s lead, it could be a real game changer. The states of Colorado and Washington have already discussed the idea so it’s not far fetched.

If the states with real powerhouse schools like Texas, Florida and North Carolina decide to get in on the act then what is the NCAA going to do? They can’t possibly ban all of those schools. Then if the states with most of the rest of the population, New York and Illinois get involved, that could be a real death blow to the NCAA’s current business model. It seems like SB 206 is here to shake up college athletics and everyone will be better for it. Even the NCAA.