Remaining Major League Baseball Free Agents

Remaining Major League Baseball Free Agents

With just a couple weeks left of the Major League Baseball Spring Training season, there are still a bunch of guys left out on the free agent market. While there is not a great rhyme or reason for why these guys are all still available, there are some really good baseball players available. Let’s take a look at some of the best remaining Major League Baseball Free Agents coming into the 2018 season:

Jake Arrieta:

A former Cy Young, and part of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Arrieta still has nasty stuff, but there are certainly some questions swarming around his health, and ability to duplicate what made him so successful during that time. Arrieta is a Scott Boras player, so with negotiations ongoing, you just never really know. Arrieta may wait until a team become starved for a starting pitcher, and take advantage of a big deal.

Mike Moustakas:

The 29 year old is the best slugger still on the market. The third baseman from Kansas City saw his 28 year old buddy Eric Hosmer sign a massive deal with San Diego. This is a guy that hit 38 homeruns during the 2017 season, after a very beat up season back in 2016. Moustakas sounds willing to take a 2-3 year deal if the right team comes calling.

Lance Lynn:

The 30 year old starting pitcher that spent his career with the St. Louis Cardinals has won games, and won games. The dude has 64 wins since the 2012 season, and that includes a 2016 season that did not see him pitch a single game. Lynn has already had his Tommy John Surgery, and seems to be on the right side of the health clock. It’s quite puzzling why Lynn has yet to be signed.

Alex Cobb:

Alex Cobb is a 30 year old right handed starting pitcher that spent his career with the Tampa Bay Rays. Cobb continues the trend of starting pitchers remaining available on the market. Cobb showed signs of having nasty stuff. Cobb was one of the first players discussed in free agency, so it’s a little alarming he has yet to reach a deal.

Jonathan Lucroy:

How long will it be until an injury to a catcher forces a team to come calling the 31 year old? Lucroy is most commonly known for his time with the Brewers, but he finished last season with the Colorado Rockies. The guy is great behind the plate, and he can slug the baseball around the field.

Greg Holland:

Greg Holland goes into the 2018 season is the top closer remaining to be employed. Another guy that finished the season with the Colorado Rockies is available. A season ago, Holland had one of his best seasons in his career, at age 31. He picked up 41 saves, and struck out 70 batters.

Neil Walker:

It may be time for Walker to consider playing a utility role for a team that can contend. The 32 year old has had a nice career as a middle infielder. Last season, Walker picked up nearly 400 at bats, and hit .265.

The Major League Baseball season projects to be another fantastic one in 2018. Enjoy the season, and keep your eyes on these tremendous available free agents!