The Arizona Cardinals visit the Cincinnati Bengals in the first preseason game for these two units. Starters aren’t very keen on playing these types of contests, but for many players who are fighting for the contract and a spot on the roster, this is the most important part of the year. 

Before Betting on Cardinals vs. Bengals

The Cards have very good backup QBs who will play tonight, Colt McCoy and Trace McSorley. They will compete for the second spot on the depth chart, and try to secure their position in the team. 

Also, there are a few players (especially on the offensive side) who have to prove that they have the potential to play in the NFL, and all this tells us that the Cards’ offense will have a massive motive to play. 

As for the Bengals, Zac Taylor openly stated on a few occasions that he doesn’t value the preseason too much. His players had a rough last year, going all the way to the Super Bowl and he doesn’t want to risk anything regarding their health. 

QB Brian Allen will play and create some swing just in case he needs to jump in a replace Joe Burrow during the season. 

Cardinals vs. Bengals NFL Offshore Betting Odds

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The guests will be better and win, solely because of their two quarterbacks, who are excellent backups. Also, the Cards’ offense comes out in the killing mode, which can’t be said for the Bengals. Therefore, Arizona wins.