Kevin Durant apparently won’t be back on the court this season, suggests Adrian Wojnarowski.

Woj Suggests no KD This Season

One of the most trustworthy experts in the world when talking about the NBA, Adrian Wojnarowski, stated that Kevin Durant wouldn’t make his debut for the Brooklyn Nets this season. Wojnarowski stated that in his podcast show, “The Woj Pod.”

“Kevin Durant’s not coming back to the Nets this year. That’s not happening. They’re not playing him.”

The recent stories on this subject, which appeared and overwhelmed the internet in the past few days, were causing a lot of confusion and hype, which is why Wojnarowski wanted to shut down all the speculations and resolve the entire matter.

Everything appeared following Sean Marks’ interview for one New Zealand media, in which Nets’ GM revealed that he too isn’t sure when will KD come back. According to the initial prognosis of the doctors, he needed 11 months to recover from the ruptured Achilles tendon, and that period should be over by now.

Also, Marks said that from what he saw, the player is his usual mode, and that he seems quite ready to take on some challenges.

This is something that instantly created a mass hysteria all over the social networks and in the NBA community, as everybody believed that one of the best players in the recent decade could finish the current season if it continues at some point.

Nets’ Playoff Position Adds More Fuel to the Speculations

Right now, the Nets are seventh in the East with 30 wins and 34 losses, slightly ahead of the Orlando Magic. Judging by the standings in the Eastern Conference, they will most likely enter the playoffs, which is why many believed that the management could bring back KD.

With him on the court, Nets’ chances for making more notable results are rapidly increasing, and the franchise from Brooklyn should take its performances to an entirely different level.

However, if what Wojnarowski said is true, that could mean that the Nets want to save KD and wait for Kyrie’s return to join together the two superstars. As we all know, Brooklyn plans to become a contender for the Larry O’Brien trophy and not just to play a major role in the playoffs.

It is almost certain that with Durant only on the court, and without Kyrie, Brooklyn’s chances in the upcoming playoffs wouldn’t be that high. Because of it, the management won’t risk anything and is willing to sacrifice this campaign until the end.

Durant is the biggest investment of the Nets, worth $164 million for the upcoming 4 years. He came from Golden State Warriors in exchange for D’Angelo Russell. During his time in Oakland, KD won two titles, capturing two NBA Finals MVP awards. He and Kyrie are the cornerstones of the new Nets and are projected to start a new era in the history of this organization.

Kyrie signed a four-year $134 million deal.