MMA Betting Sites

Mixed Martial Arts is enjoying the type of popularity and growth any organized sports league would love to have. Everyday it seems they add more fans, more fights, and more tournaments. One of the reasons for this surge in viewership comes directly from the online sports gambling community.

In fact, if anything has kept up with MMA’s steady rise, it’s been wagering on it online. Both are extremely popular and show no signs of slowing. Knowing this, you’d think it would be easy to find an online sportsbook worth your time and wagers. However, finding the best site for your MMA action is not to be taken lightly.

Every online sportsbook is different and finding one with the features you need to be successful can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve done the work for you with the following list of features you need for your MMA wagerings. Find the sites with these options and you have a site worth using.


1.  Bovada

$250 Bonus
2.  Bookmaker

$2500 Bonus
3.  MyBookie

$1000 Bonus
4.  BetOnline

$2500 Bonus
5.  Intertops

$200 Bonus

Special Offers

All online sportsbooks have special offers from the minute you find their page. Yet it’s important to remember, while many of these offers look great, they may not be what you’re looking for. A 100% casino bonus looks good on the screen, but how does that help your MMA wager?

Shop around at first and find online sportsbooks which feature offers specifically for MMA. There should be plenty of promotions and special offers before any big fight night. The bigger the MMA event the better the offers. The good sportsbooks understand this and will have bonuses, contests, and tournaments ready for you.

Watch for Rollovers

Most sites will have a bonus for you just for signing up no matter what you are there to wager on. It has become standard operating procedure and the online sportsbooks use them to help bring in new customers by differentiating themselves from their competition. The same goes for reloading bonuses.

These are just matching bonuses giving you the opportunity to pad your account before you even place a wager. However, buyer beware because these will all come with rollover requirements. That said, rollovers make perfect sense. An online sportsbook can’t just hand out free money and not require you to place a few bets.

It’s not a sustainable business model to allow players to get bonuses and immediately cash out. While this is true, some online sportsbooks take advantage and hammer you with huge rollovers. This will usually require some fine print reading but it is well worth your time. A low rollover is better than a big bonus.


There are so many online sportsbooks these days you just have to assume not all of them are on the up and up. Some may be scams, others are money traps, and other seem legit but do shady things such as freeze accounts and refuse to payout winnings.

It’s important to avoid these sites and not waste your valuable time or you precious dollars. Do the homework. A little shopping around will show you which sites are to be trusted and which are not.

MMA and Wagers

Many online sportsbooks specialize in certain sports. The big four North American sports leagues are always there. The NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are very easy to find. The goes for NCAA. Most sites will carry MMA events and fights so please be sure this is the case with the site you choose before throwing in any of your money.

Then, and maybe more importantly, be sure they have the type of wager you like to play. This is the true test to how serious the online sportsbook takes MMA. If you find a site with plenty of fights featuring plenty of wagers, you’ve found the sportsbook you want.


It may seem like a small thing but there is nothing better than an online sportsbook with a fast, easy-to-use interface. Like the lobby in an expensive restaurant, a site’s interface needs to look the part to inspire its customers. It serves another purpose too, though. MMA is fast.

The punches are fast, the knockouts are fast, the fights are fast. When you take this into account, you quickly realize you’ve got to be able to lay a wager fast. And that goes for the desktop as well as mobile devices. You need an interface that works with you, allowing you to get your wagers in ASAP.

Events and fight nights see tons of action come through every online sportsbook. If your interface is slow, you are missing out on odds and wagers. What is there one moment is sure to change in the next. Find a site with a minimal amount of steps to lay a wager and then get to know the interface to help your future self get that bet in as quick as you can.