Betting on Baseball has a long history in our country, and even other countries. All the way until the early 1920’s, there were many places in the United States that had laws on when and where you could do your betting on baseball - and the activity on Sunday was definitely not cusher.

During the time in baseball from 1877 to 1920 - there are many stories about how Major League Baseball had a tough time keeping players, coaches and officials from fixing the games. What does this mean, you may ask? Players were performing poorly in order to lose, because they likely had a bet on their team to lose. This and the Pete Rose betting on and or against his team have a long history in baseball.

The biggest betting on baseball scandal known is the 191 Black Sox Scandal. This happened in Chicago when the players were fixing the game, and eventually led to 8 members of the team. At this time, when you were on a team, you were property of the team. This scandal actually paved the way for much that has went down in Major League Baseball over the past 100 years.


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There are four major steps to betting on baseball. The first major step involves finding the best offshore sportsbook, so you can get your baseball bets in. There are a ton of offshore sportsbooks on the world wide web, so it’s going to be important that you do your research and check out which is going to be the favorite.

Once you have found your favorite, it’s a good idea, and well; mandatory that you sign up for an account. You are not going to be able to bet on baseball without an account at the offshore sportsbook. By signing up at the offshore sportsbook, you are going to need to give vital information about yourself, such as your name, phone number and a created username and password that only YOU know. Make sure you keep this information safe and ONLY for you.

Next, you are going to need to fund your account. This is called deposit. When you deposit, you are placing money into your account. You can later withdraw, which means you are taking money OUT of your account. Deposit whatever you feel comfortable putting in. There will be a maximum and a minimum, so make sure that you are familiar with these first. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount you are going to deposit into your account.

Now, it’s time to PLACE YOUR BETS on Baseball. Sure, it’s not as easy as that, but it’s really quite simple. We will dive more into how to bet on baseball in a bit, but these four tips will get your started and on your way to dominating while betting on baseball!


There are some great sportsbooks out on the market. It’s important that you find one that you really like, and can trust. If you do not like to navigate around your sportsbook, or you simply do not trust the sportsbook, move on. That place is not for you. It’s always not a bad idea to sign up and deposit at multiple sportsbooks, so you are available to grab the best betting line possible for the game or games that you want to bet on. Let’s take a look at a few of the top offshore Baseball betting sites.

  1. MyBookie - These guys are fantastic. They deliver to you quickly, and have some of the best baseball lines available. MyBookie offers a 50% bonus up to $1000 for those that are interesting in signing up.
  2. Bovada - These guys are truly one of a kind. Bovada is super popular because of the way they treat their customers. If you are new to the sportsbetting world, Bovada may be your choice because they will walk you through anything you need. Bovada is offering a 50% welcome bonus.
  3. Intertops - May not be as large and in charge as some of the other sportsbooks listed here, but these guys get it done. If you want great options for betting on baseball, Intertops is the place to go.
  4. Bookmaker - These guys are also offering a 50% welcome bonus. That is a great help. For example, you are depositing $500 into your account to get started, the 50% welcome bonus means they are giving you an extra $250 to wager with. Great deal!


When you starting betting on baseball, there are a few things that you DEFINITELY need to know, a few things you PROBABLY should know, and a few things that would HELP to know. First, let’s take a look at the types of bets that are available to you when betting on baseball:

  • Totals Betting: When you bet on the total in baseball, you are actually making an educated guess on the TOTAL runs scored by BOTH teams in the game. For example, if a game is given a total of 8.5, you are predicting whether the two teams will go OVER or UNDER that number. Nearly every baseball game will have a total bet option. If you bet OVER 8.5, and they score 9+, you WIN the bet, if they score 8 or less, you LOSE the bet.
  • MoneyLine Betting: Moneyline betting is actually the most popular bet when betting on baseball. Instead of a point spread, like other sports, oddsmakers are placing it on a money. For example, if a game is listed as Detroit Tigers -145, that means, you have to place $145 bet on the Tigers to win, to win $100. For example, the Tigers are the team that they are predicting to win. On the other side, if a game is listed as the New York Yankees +123, they are the underdog. In this case, you win $123 for every $100 that you wager.
  • Parlay Bets: In a parlay bet, you are betting on multiple teams within one card. The big kicker with a parlay bet is - you must win ALL the bets on the card, or you lose your bet. For example, if you like three teams in Major League Baseball, and want to bet them ALL on the same parlay card - they ALL THREE must win, for the payout to come to you. Obviously, the more teams on the parlay card, the more money you could win.
  • Prop Bets: Prop bets are individual actions for one particular game. These are offered ahead of time, and are more known for being sucker bets. For example, you may see a prop bet for: How many total homeruns will be hit in the game between the Rockies and the Marlins. The total could be at 2.5, and the prop bet would bet to wager one way or the other. Sometimes, prop bets get crazy with something like: Will an animal run on the field during the game? Then, you have the ability to bet one way or the other.


When you are betting on Baseball, you will need to know when and where to find the lines. Go to your favorite offshore sportsbook, and typically there will be a section for baseball listed with the various other sports. Because baseball is a daily game, there is almost always odds during the season. Games are played every day, and the lines for those games are typically released the day before.

Keep in mind, a large part of the oddsmakers job to point betting odds and the lines out there is dependant on the starting pitchers for that game. If the starting pitcher has changed, or there is a big injury which sits someone out, then it’s likely that particular game will be pulled off the board. It may come back with a different line, or may not come back at all.


One of the emerging popular trends in Betting on Baseball is to live bet the action. There are many offshore sportsbooks that offer this. What this means, is you are betting on the result of the game, as it happens.

There could be a new line each inning, with the odds changing on who will win the game. There is also an option for live at bat betting as well. Here, you are wagering on what will happen during that particular at bat, or inning. This is fun, and certainly challenging, so probably something you will want to ease yourself into. Let’s take a look at two offshore sportsbooks that offer Live Betting on Baseball: MyBookie and Bovada.


You need to have a strategy in mind when you are betting on baseball. There are many different strategies that can be used, it’s really what works best for you. What works best for you may not be the exact answer, but if you are making money on it - it’s working. Let’s take a look at a few Baseball Betting Strategies:

  • Find a value underdog and bet it daily - Keep in mind we are talking about an underdog here, and they are projected NOT to win the game. But, if you find value in them, and you think the oddsmakers have the game pitted wrong, take it. Because it’s an underdog, you will win positive money if the underdog DOES hit. Takes less underdogs to make money than big favorites.
  • Take huge favorites daily - Take the opposite approach. Keep in mind, if you are going to make money, a huge favorite is going to cost you more money than the underdog. In this example of New York Mets +185, New York Yankees -200, you will have to pay $400 to win $200 on the Yankees to win, while you just need $200 to win $360 on the Mets. But, if they are big favorites, and you bet them enough, you will be able to win more often, in theory and take down the sportsbooks.
  • Ride the hot team - Teams in baseball can get streaky. Know when a team is starting to get hot, and ride them for awhile. Sure, they will lose eventually, but when a team wins 10 out of 12, and you are riding their wave, it’s nice to have 10 wins in 12 days.


While those tips work, there are more tips that we feel you should know when you are betting on baseball. Let’s take a look at 3 more advanced Baseball betting Tips:

  1. Stay Away from Early Season - Man, everyone wants to bet on baseball at the start of the season. And many lose at betting on baseball at the start of the season. Staying away from the early games, where pitchers may not be quite ready, or the weather is not good is a good plan. If you have to bet on early games, just limit your spending, and make sure you monitor the happenings of the season.
  2. Bet on Pitchers - More than anything in Major League Baseball -- you are betting on the starting pitchers. Sure, if you have ever followed baseball, you know it’s much more than the starting pitcher, but, a good way to make money is to focus on the pitchers that are leading their teams to wins more than not.
  3. Shop for the Best Line - This is what we referred to earlier. Get the best possible line, to maximize how much money you are going to make. What this means, check different offshore sportsbooks. You may find the Detroit Tigers at +125 at Bovada, but then click over to MyBookie and see them at +133. That’s a difference that you want to be able to take advantage of. This is big, and will really help you in the long run.


There are plenty of places you can get the best Baseball Betting Picks on the internet. Just be careful when you are doing so. These people may be just like you and I and are just throwing out their best Baseball Betting Picks.

If you want to use a service that gives you free Baseball Betting Picks, or even paid Baseball betting picks, go right ahead. That is your choice. Just, make sure you understand that the nature of betting on baseball is - it’s an educated guess, and even those can be wrong.

The best advice is - if you want to pay someone for their picks, please be sure you are doing your homework ahead of time. Check out the website, watch them for a few days, check out referrals, ask around yourself, and understand what they are providing you. Many that do baseball betting picks for a living are good, we just want to make sure you find those people.


In today’s society, everyone is running around with their phones in their hand. Not at your computer able to log on and you want to bet the Chicago Cubs game that starts in a couple minutes? Mobile betting is the right option for you.

When offshore sportsbooks offer mobile betting, they either have a website that is mobile friendly, or an app that allows you to log in, and make your bets. This is a huge advantage for those offshore sportsbooks that DO offer this type of betting.

As the years go along, more and more offshore sportsbooks are offering mobile betting. A few of the favorites that we have found offering Mobile Betting include: Bovada and Intertops.


When you are betting on baseball, you have the ability to literally bet every day of the year. The Major League Baseball season starts at the end of March and goes all the way through the end of October.

The regular season will run from March to September, and then postseason baseball will go on. There are literally games every day of the calendar year, with the exception of the All Star Break that runs in the middle of July.

Teams do get days off during the season, and most of the days off come on a Monday or a Thursday. Because teams have to travel, do you rarely see other days off, unless the game has been rained out.

Once postseason baseball arrives, there are multiple games early, but then as middle of October arrives, you will only have the option for one game, or maybe even none if it is a travel day. The World Series is typically finished by the end of October.


Major League Baseball is really the only league in Baseball to bet on. There are many minor leagues, and teams that play baseball, but there are no betting lines available at the offshore sportsbooks.


The biggest events in Major League Baseball are the Homerun Derby, the All Star Game and postseason play. The Homerun Derby is typically always slated as the second Monday in July, which is the day before the All Star Game.

At the All Star Game, the best players in the league get together for an exhibition.

Finally, postseason play ends with the World Series. In the World Series, a team from the National League will play against a team from the American League. They will play as many as 7 games, and no less than 4. The idea is the first team to win 4 games is crowned the World Series Champions. All throughout postseason, you will have an opportunity to bet on Divisional Series games and League Championship games as well.