March Madness Betting Sites for 2022

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Best American March Madness Betting Sites

It is the time of the year that all basketball fans look forward too, and punters especially. The dramatic, lively and pulsating basketball on show in the NCAA cuts down the amount of teams in the competition during March, as 68 teams start the competition before the National Championship game decides the eventual winner.

For punters, this can be an incredibly lucrative time of the year, but finding the right sportsbook is imperative in achieving that. Here you can find the best sportsbook online that will cater to all fans looking to bet during March Madness.

Here are our top online sports betting sites for March Madness:

Top March Madness Betting Sites



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Why Are These Sportsbooks Trusted?

There are thousands of sportsbook that boast that they are the most trusted for betting on March Madness, but some of those aren’t. Instead, the ones that we have selected have been through a vigorous research process, with only the ones that have been recommended living up to their promise of delivering on what punters deserve.

The biggest factor that is taken into account is how trustworthy they are. Punters need to know that their money is safe when they are betting, and the use of SSL Encryption ensures that this is the case. We also ensure that there are security checks in place to ensure that you can verify your account safely. These sportsbooks that have been recommended also boast an array of different payment methods, which ensures that you can make your bets regardless if you want to deposit using cards or e-wallets.

These recommended sportsbooks also have the best odds available on the market and go above and beyond in ensuring more betting options with the inclusion of betting in-play. The last factor that is taken into account in the welcome offer and the on going promotions that the sportsbook has. These will ensure that your money can go further, and you can have an increased chance of returns.

March Madness Format

The month-long competition has become a stable on the American sporting calendar since its introduction in 1939 by former Ohio State coach Harold Olsen. The competition is made up by the 32 teams that have won Division 1 conferences, while the remainder of the teams are picked by the NCAA selection committee. The selection process has also become its own tradition to kick off the competition, with ‘Selection Sunday’ widely broadcast on television.

All the teams are then separated into four different regions and then entered into a bracket, which will automatically determine which teams the winning sides will face next. Some of the teams are seeded, while others are ranked within their region. After the ‘First Four’, the competition heats up over the next three weekends, with neutral courts playing host to the matches. The ranked teams go through to a single-game eliminator bracket, which will also consist of eight lower-seeded sides. These lower ranked sides play four games to determine who will make it through to the first round on the Tuesday and Wednesday. The first round begins with 64 teams playing in 32 games; hence why it is has the word ‘Madness’ in the title.

As the week progresses, there are different stages for teams to navigate through, such as the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and ‘Elite Eight’. The tournament now stretches into April, and on this first weekend, the ‘Final Four’ round is the main attraction. The teams that have won each region compete in pre-selected games to determine to the two teams that will compete for the championship.

Who Holds The Championship Crown?

The team to have achieved the most success in terms of NCAA Basketball Championships is UCLA. They have won the championship on eleven occasions, while John Wooden also holds the record for the most victories by a coach as he led them to ten of their eleven successes. The University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina have won the second and third most respectively.

Duke University and Indiana University are next on the list with five titles each, while the University of Connecticut have won four titles. The University of Kansas and Villanova University have both recorded three titles. Arizona, Michigan State, Louisville, Syracuse and Wyoming are all among the teams to have won one title. Last season’s champions Virginia have also recorded one success.

Year Winning Team Losing Team Score
2019 Virginia Texas Tech 85-77
2018 Villanova Michigan 79-62
2017 North Carolina Gonzaga 71-65
2016 Villanova North Carolina 77-74
2015 Duke Wisconsin 68-63
2014 Connecticut Kentucky 60-54
2013 Louisville Michigan 82-76
2012 Kentucky Kansas 67-59
2011 Connecticut Butler 53-41
2010 Duke Butler 61-59

March Madness Records

Due to the number of games that are played during the tournament nowadays, the records for managers are peculiar. Despite John Wooden winning the most titles, he is only sixth on the list for most wins during the tournament. The man at the top of that list is Mike Krzyzewski, as he has won on 94 occasions with Duke. Krzyzewski has also made the joint-most appearances in the final four; along with Wooden. Both coaches have reached that stage on 12 occasions.

Wooden’s UCLA have reached the Final Four the most consecutive times, as they reached that stage for ten years straight. North Carolina have appeared in the round the most amount of times. Austin Carr holds the record for the most points in a single game during March Madness, as he scored 61 against Ohio in 1970. Mark Wade holds the record for the most assists in an individual game, as he made 18. Meanwhile, Shaquille O’Neal holds the record for most blocked shots in a game.

How Can I Bet On March Madness?

The betting options for March Madness are huge, and they can be split into ante-post and individual match betting. The prior mentioned type of bet means you’re betting on a long-term result, while the match betting is simply laying a stake on the individual match that you’re watching.

Ante-Post Betting

There are a number of ways to take advantage of the ante-post markets for March Madness, but the most common way to do that is by placing a stake on the team that you think will win the championship. This bet can be placed at any point during the season, but the odds will shorten when more teams are getting knocked out.

As well as this, you can also bet on the region that the winning team will come from. This is a good insurance bet, as you don’t need to be so precise on the team that will win the championship. Some of the leading sportsbooks also offer markets for punters to bet on the player that will be awarded the John R. Wooden Award. That is the award given to the star player throughout March Madness. It could be a lucrative betting opportunity for punters that have done their research.

Individual Match Betting

If you’re looking to bet on an individual game, then the leading sportsbooks also have you covered with a variety of different markets to take advantage of. Some of them are self-explanatory, while others may need a greater level of understanding before betting. Here are the most common betting options for punters:

  • Match Betting: The most common way to bet on March Madness is by laying a stake on the team that you believe will win. You will put your money on either side, and it will be settled when the game ends. If the selection is victorious, then you will be given the returns.
  • Total Points Scored: This bet doesn’t revolve around the punter picking the winning team. Instead, you simply need to bet on whether there will be more or less points than the benchmark set by the sportsbook. For instance, the benchmark could be set at 143.5 for a fixture between Campbell Fighting Camels and North Carolina. If you bet on over, then there needs to be at least 144 points scored in the match between both teams.
  • Handicap Betting: Sometimes, there is a big gulf in class between two teams, and this is where the handicap market can be used. This will ensure that the favoured side starts at a disadvantage, and they will need to overcome that to win. For instance, a handicap of -7 may be placed on Duke against Virginia. For the bet to be a winner, Duke needs to win by at least eight points.
  • Will There Be Overtime?: For this market, punters will simply put their stake on either yes or no. The sportsbook is asking whether it will be a tie at the end of regulation time. If you place your wager on yes, then the bet will be a winner should it go to overtime.